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Mask: The Animated Series, The
Mask: The Animated Series, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 12 August 1995 - 01 December 1997
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ace Ventura Michael Daingerfield "The Aceman Cometh"
Agent X Jim Cummings "Martian Mask"
Anchorman Gregg Berger "Mayor Mask"
Andrew Bedwetter Jeff Bennett "Broadway Malady"
Attila the Hun Jim Cummings "All Hallow's Eve"
Baby Forthwright Frank Welker
Bakers Rob Paulsen "Malled"
  Frank Welker "Malled"
Bald Eagle Frank Welker "Flight as a Feather"
Bank President Jim Cummings
Barnaby the Dinosaur Jim Cummings "Baby's Wild Ride"
Bear Frank Welker "A Comedy of Eras"
Bigfoot Frank Welker "Enquiring Masks Want to Know"
Billboard Hologram Girl Cree Summer "Future Mask"
Billy Bo Bob Jim Cummings "Up the Creek"
Boy Jess Harnell "The Goofalotatots"
Bub Jonathan Harris "Boogie With The Man," "Convention of Evil"
Bulldog Frank Welker "Up the Creek"
Channel Surfer / Raymond Neilsen Gary Owens "Channel Surfin'"
Charlie Schumaker Mark L. Taylor
Chef Luigi Frank Welker "Love Potion #8 1/2"
Chet Bozzack Dan Castellaneta "Split Personality"
Clem Jess Harnell "Up the Creek"
Coco Bongo Bouncer Frank Welker "All Hail the Mask," "Cool Hand Mask"
Colonel Beauregard Klaxon Jim Cummings "Goin' for the Green"
Commissioner Ben Gothan Jim Cummings "The Goofalotatots"
Cookie BaBoom Cree Summer "Flight as a Feather"
Crosby Jeff Bennett "Martian Mask"
Crusco Jim Cummings "Flight as a Feather"
Customer Jim Cummings "Flight as a Feather"
Cybermite Jim Cummings "Fantashtick Voyage"
Davida Steelmine / Vicky Pratt Cree Summer "Magic"
Delivery Man Jim Cummings "Cool Hand Mask"
Detective Doyle Jim Cummings
Director Carlos Alazraqui "You Ought to Be in Pictures"
Don Julovit Cam Clarke "Santa Mask"
Dr. Amelia Chronos Victoria Carroll "A Comedy of Eras," "What Goes Around Comes Around," "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Green Mask"
Dr. Arthur Neuman Ben Stein
Dr. Maius Jim Cummings "When Pigs Ruled the Earth"
Dr. Sammy Namulus Jr. Frank Welker "Power of Suggestion"
Dragon Lady Kath Soucie "They Came From Within"
Edge City's Most Wanted Host Frank Welker "How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can"
Esmeralda the Poodle Frank Welker "Bride of Pretorius"
Evelyn Kath Soucie "Bride of Pretorius"
Female Rebel Cree Summer "Future Mask"
Fish Guy / Eddie Jeff Bennett
Football Announcer Jim Cummings "Mr. Mask Goes to Washington"
Freddy Frank Welker "Enquiring Masks Want to Know"
Garbage Man Kevin Michael Richardson "Jurassic Mask"
General Frank Welker "For All Mask-Kind"
General Rod Kevin Michael Richardson "When Pigs Ruled the Earth"
Gorgonzola the Cheese Witch Cree Summer "Mask Au Gratin," "Convention of Evil"
Government Guy Frank Welker "Future Mask"
Government Guy (Mask Form) Kevin Michael Richardson "Future Mask"
Greenfield Kevin Michael Richardson "Mr. Mask Goes to Washington"
Hazmat Agent Frank Welker "Martian Mask"
Hood / Lawrence Lorenzo Jess Harnell "The Mother of All Hoods"
Ice Cream Man Charlie Adler "Baby's Wild Ride"
Intercom System Jess Harnell "Future Mask"
Jed Jigsen Jededine Jim Cummings "Up the Creek"
Judge Jack Angel "The Green Marine"
Kablamus Jim Cummings
Lars Jim Cummings
Leftover Monsters Frank Welker "Sealed Fate"
Lizard Man Cam Clarke "Martian Mask"
Loch Ness Monster Frank Welker "Enquiring Masks Want to Know"
Lonnie the Shark Glenn Shadix
Lt. Mitch Kellaway Neil Ross
Lt. Mitch Kellaway's Mother Estelle Harris "Mother of All Hoods"
M.P. Jack Angel "The Green Marine"
Madame Suspiria Candi Milo "Love Potion #8 1/3"
Mayor Mortimer Tilton Kevin Michael Richardson
Milo Frank Welker
Milrum Frank Welker "All Hallow's Eve"
Mother Tress MacNeille "Shrink Rap"
Mozart the Talking Dog Frank Welker "Sister Mask"
Mrs. Frances Forthwright Mary McDonald-Lewis
Mrs. Peenman Tress MacNeille
Mugger Gregg Berger "Mayor Mask"
Mutated Hamburger Meat Frank Welker "Mayor Mask"
News Anchor Jim Cummings "To Have and Have Snot"
Nowhere Mart Clerk Frank Welker "Martian Mask"
Old Lady Tress MacNeille "Flight as a Feather"
Ostrich Frank Welker "Magic"
PA Announcer Jim Cummings "Malled"
Patient Frank Welker "Little Big Mask"
Pedestrian Jim Cummings "Shrink Rap"
Peggy Brandt Heidi Shannon
Peggy Brandt's Boss Jeff Bennett "Enquiring Masks Want to Know"
Pepe Frank Welker
Pet Shop Dogs Frank Welker "Malled"
Pete Charlie Adler
Phoney Frenchman Jess Harnell "Up the Creek," "The Angels Wanna Wear My Mask"
Pinko Frank Welker "The Goofalotatots"
Police Dispatch Jim Cummings "The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side" Pt. 2, "Counterfeit Mask"
Police Officer Gregg Berger "Mayor Mask"
  Jim Cummings "Mask Au Gratin," "Mystery Cruise"
  Frank Welker "Double Reverse," "Malled"
Poodles Frank Welker "Love Potion #8 1/2"
Press Reporter Pat Musick "Mayor Mask"
Pretorius Tim Curry
Pretorius' Henchmen Rob Paulsen "Mayor Mask"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Mayor Mask"
Pretzel Salesman Frank Welker "Mask Au Gratin"
Prison Guard Jim Cummings "Cool Hand Mask"
  Jess Harnell "Cool Hand Mask"
Prosecutor Neil Ross "The Green Marine"
Putty Thing / Dak Cam Clarke
Reform School Guard Jim Cummings "All Hallow's Eve"
Remote-Controlled Gorilla Jim Cummings "Broadway Malady"
Reporter Cree Summer "All Hail the Mask"
Rip Tide Frank Welker "They Came From Within"
Robber Jim Cummings "The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side" Pt. 1
Robot Reporter Cree Summer "Future Mask"
Santa Claus Jim Cummings "Santa Mask"
Selina Swint Susan Silo "Counterfeit Mask"
Sergeant Cole Charlie Adler "The Green Marine"
Ship Captain Frank Welker "Mystery Cruise"
Skillit Benny Grant "Enquiring Masks Want to Know"
  Jason Marsden "Shadow of a Skillit," "All Hallow's Eve"
Snapper the Parrot Frank Welker "Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters"
Stinger / Buzz Stingman Stuart Pankin "To Bee or Not to Bee," "Convention of Evil"
Stinko Jess Harnell "The Goofalotatots"
Stu Schpeeler Jess Harnell "The Goofalotatots"
Super Cold Virus Frank Welker "To Have and Have Snot"
Tempest / Fritz Drizzle Bud Cort "Rain of Terror," "Convention of Evil"
The Mask / Stanley Ipkiss Rob Paulsen
  Antti Pekkanen (Finnish)
Tribal Chief Kevin Michael Richardson "All Hail the Mask"
Tribal Girls Cree Summer "All Hail the Mask"
Violet EG Daily "Double Reverse"
War Machine Jim Cummings "They Came From Within"
Warden Frank Welker "Cool Hand Mask"
Willamina Bubask Conchata Ferrell "How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can"
(additional voices) Sheryl Bernstein
  Earl Boen
  Rodger Bumpass
  Marsha Clark
  Jennifer Darling
  Debi Derryberry
  Greg Eagles
  Pat Fraley
  Dan Gilvezan
  Michael Gough (II)
  Dorian Harewood
  Charity James
  John Kassir
  Art Kimbro
  Joe Lala
  Nancy Linari
  Taj Mahal
  Danny Mann
  Mona Marshall
  Bill E. Martin
  Joe Nipote
  Roger Rose
  Stu Rosen
  B.J. Ward

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