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Mighty Man & Yukk
Mighty Man & Yukk

Also Known As: Mighty Man and Yukk
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 22 September 1979 - 05 January 1980
Voice Director: Alan Dinehart

Aired as part of "The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Anthead John Stephenson "Anthead"
Assistant Mayor Frank Welker "Baby Man"
Baby Man Fred Travalena "Baby Man"
Beach Bum Casey Kasem "Beach Bum's Crime Wave"
Big Mouse John Stephenson "Big Mouse the Bad Mouse"
Bucks Galore John Stephenson "Dog Gone Days"
Catman John Stephenson "Catman"
Clyde John Stephenson "Where There's A Will, There's A Creep"
Coach Crime / Dee Gooder Allan Melvin "Coach Crime's Big Play"
Dash Gallant John Stephenson "The Sinister Super Suit"
Doctor Decay John Stephenson "Gold Teeth's Bad Bite"
Dr. Chen Keye Luke "The Diabolical Dr. Locust"
Dr. Gruber John Stephenson "Bye Bye Biplane"
Dr. Rufus T. Gadgets John Stephenson "The Dangerous Dr. Gadgets"
Dr. Stickol John Stephenson "Trouble Brews When Glue Man Glues"
Football Announcer Peter Cullen "Rob Around the Clock"
Goldteeth Henry Corden "Goldteeth's Bad Bite"
Golfer John Stephenson "Public Rooster #1"
Ivan Frank Welker "Dog Gone Days"
Kragg the Conqueror Henry Corden "Kragg the Conqueror"
Krime Klown Michael Bell "Krime Klown's Circus of Evil"
Magnet Man John Stephenson "Magnet Man"
Main Title Narrator Michael Rye
Marble Man John Stephenson "The Malevolent Marble Man"
Max John Stephenson "Shake-Up With Ms. Make-Up"
Mayor John Stephenson
Mighty Man / Brandon Brewster Peter Cullen
Minute Man Frank Welker "Rob Around the Clock"
Miro the Mentalist William Woodson "The Menacing Mindreader"
Mr. Van Pire John Stephenson "Never Retire With Mr. & Mrs. Van Pire"
Nefario Michael Bell "The Sinister Super Suit"
Police Chief John Stephenson "Baby Man"
  Frank Welker "Kragg the Conqueror"
Sanfon Vulch Allan Melvin "The Glutunous Glop"
Security Guard Peter Cullen "Krime Klown's Circus of Evil"
Time Keeper Alan Oppenheimer "Rob Around the Clock"
Yukk Frank Welker

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