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Skatebirds, The
Skatebirds, The

Genre: Animated/Live Action Series
Release Dates: 08 September 1977 - 28 January 1978
Voice Director: Wally Burr

This live-action show contains animated segments "The Robonic Stooges," "Wonder Wheels," "Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" (shortened reruns of "Clue Club" focusing on Woofer and Wimper), and the live-action segment "Mystery Island."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Achilles the Heel John Stephenson "On Your Knees, Hercules"
Agent 000 Ross Martin ("The Robonic Stooges" segments)
Atlantean Scientist Casey Kasem "Rub A Dub Dub, Three Nuts in a Tub"
Cardinal Poreleau John Stephenson "The Three Nutsketeers"
Count Von Crankenstein Ross Martin "Woo Woo Wolfman"
Curly Howard Frank Welker ("The Robonic Stooges" segments)
D.D. Bob Hastings ("Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" segments)
Director Paul Winchell "Dimwits and Dinosaurs"
Dooley Lawrence Susan Davis ("Wonder Wheels" segments)
Dotty Tara Talboy ("Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" segments)
Genie John Stephenson "Eeenie Meanie Genie"
Hercules Henry Corden "On Your Knees, Hercules"
King Scatman Crothers "Three Stooges and the Seven Dwarves"
Knock-Knock the Woodpecker Lennie Weinrib
Larry David Jolliffe ("Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" segments)
Larry Fine Joe Baker ("The Robonic Stooges" segments)
Ludwig Lillyput Frank Welker "Flea Fi Fo Fum"
Main Title Narrator Wally Burr (one-hour version)
  Ronnie Schell (syndicated version)
Moe Howard Paul Winchell ("The Robonic Stooges" segments)
Narrator Frank Welker ("The Robonic Stooges" segments)
P.O.P.S. Frank Welker ("Mystery Island" segments)
Pepper Patricia Stich ("Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" segments)
Pierre LeSly Henry Corden "Mutiny on the Mountie"
Poodleman John Stephenson "Woo Woo Wolfman"
Professor Octane Paul Winchell "Don't Fuel With a Fool"
Satchel the Pelican Bob Holt
Scat-Cat Scatman Crothers
Scooter the Penguin Don Messick
Sheriff Bagley John Stephenson ("Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" segments)
The Amazing Bordoni Paul Winchell "I Want My Mummy"
Willie Sheerer Micky Dolenz ("Wonder Wheels" segments)
Wimper Jim MacGeorge ("Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" segments)
Woofer Paul Winchell ("Woofer and Wimper: Dog Detectives" segments)
(additional voices) Ron Feinberg
  Joan Gerber
  Virginia Gregg
  Ralph James
  Julie McWhirter
  Allan Melvin
  Marvin Miller
  Alan Oppenheimer
  Vic Perrin
  Robert Ridgely
  Ken Sansom
  Hal Smith
  Janet Waldo

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