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2 Stupid Dogs
2 Stupid Dogs

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 11 September 1993 - 1995
Voice Director: Stu Rosen

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Announcer Gary Owens "Let's Make a Right Price"
Anteater Rob Paulsen "One Ton"
Big Bad Wolf Jeff Bennett "Red Strikes Back," "The Return of Red"
Big Dog Brad Garrett
Bill Barker Casey Kasem "Let's Make a Right Price"
Blabber Mouse Rob Paulsen "Agent Penny"
Buffy Ziegenhagen Tawni Tamietti "Show and Tell," "Substitute Teacher," "Love Doctors"
Cabbie John Garry "Voodoo Goat"
Chameleon Roddy McDowall "Chameleon"
Chief Tony Jay
Chipmunk Criminal Tony Jay "Agent Penny"
Craig Scott Menville "Family Values"
Cubby Rob Paulsen
Curator Jim Cummings "Chameleon"
Elderly Woman Carol Channing "Goldflipper"
Game Show Host Jim Cummings "Scirocco Mole"
Goldflipper Jim Cummings "Goldflipper"
Granny June Foray "Red Strikes Back," "The Return of Red"
Granny Franny Kath Soucie "Greg"
Greg Charlie Adler "Greg"
Hollywood Brian Cummings
Hot Rodney Jeff Bennett "Hot Rodney"
Husband Rob Paulsen "Family Values"
Kenny Fowler Jarrett Lennon
Little Dog Mark Schiff
Little Red Riding Hood Candi Milo "Red," "Red Strikes Back," "The Return of Red"
Mama Bear Candi Milo "Red"
Martha Kath Soucie "Family Values"
Morocco Mole Jim Cummings
Penny Kimmy Robertson
Platypus Roger Rose "Platypus"
Principal Schneider Gary Owens "Show and Tell," "Substitute Teacher"
Quark Roger Rose "Quark"
Queen Bea B.J. Ward "Queen Bea"
Scirocco Mole Jess Harnell "Scirocco Mole"
Secret Squirrel Jess Harnell
Super Snooper Rob Paulsen "Agent Penny"
Teacher Rose Marie "Show and Tell"
Voodoo Goat John Garry "Voodoo Goat"
Witch Carol Channing "Red Strikes Back"
Youngest Daughter Kath Soucie "Family Values"
(additional voices) Yoshio Be
  Gregg Berger
  Greg Burson
  Donna Cherry
  Paul Eiding
  Bernard Erhard
  Mark Hamill
  Haven Hartman
  Whitby Hertford
  Jean Kasem
  Patricia Lentz
  Tress MacNeille
  Don Messick
  Pat Musick
  Stu Rosen
  Neil Ross
  Susan Silo
  Ben Stiller
  Jerry Stiller
  Derek Webster
  Frank Welker

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