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Man Called Flintstone, The
Man Called Flintstone, The

Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 1966

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Airport Clerk John Stephenson
Ali Harvey Korman
Barney Rubble Mel Blanc
Betty Rubble Gerry Johnson
Bobo Paul Frees
Chief Boulder Harvey Korman
Dino Mel Blanc
Dr. Moonstone Don Messick
Ferocious Don Messick
Fred Flintstone Henry Corden (singing)
  Alan Reed (speaking)
French Cabbie Mel Blanc
Green Goose Paul Frees
Hoppy Don Messick
Mario Paul Frees
Mayor of Bedrock Mel Blanc
Nurse #1 Janet Waldo
Nurse #2 Jean Vander Pyl
Nurse #3 Gerry Johnson
Pebbles Flintstone Jean Vander Pyl
Recorder Bird Don Messick
Roberta Janet Waldo
Rock Slag Paul Frees
Street Salesman Harvey Korman
Surgeon #1 Paul Frees
Surgeon #2 John Stephenson
Tanya June Foray
Triple X Paul Frees
Veterinarian John Stephenson
Wilma Flintstone Jean Vander Pyl
("Happy Sounds of Paree" vocalist) Leo De Lyon
("Pensate Amore" vocalist) Louis Prima

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