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Ben 10: Alien Force
Ben 10: Alien Force

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 18 April 2008 - 26 March 2010
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alan Albright Zeno Robinson "Everybody's Talking About the Weather," "War of the Worlds," "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1 "Above and Beyond"
Albedo Yuri Lowenthal "Good Copy, Bad Copy," "The Final Battle"
Alien Child Ashley Johnson "Ghost Town"
Alien Dad Jeff Bennett "Unearthed"
Alien Mom Dee Bradley Baker "Unearthed"
Alien Serf Paul Eiding "Voided"
Aliens Brian George "Fool's Gold"
  Yuri Lowenthal "Fool's Gold"
Amalgamation Robot Dee Bradley Baker "Busy Box"
Argit Alexander Polinsky "Kevin's Big Score," "Simple," "Con of Rath"
Attendant #1 James Arnold Taylor "X = Ben + 2"
Azmuth Jeff Bennett
Bandaged Warrior Dee Bradley Baker "X = Ben + 2"
Baz-L Rob Paulsen "Pier Pressure," "Vreedle, Vreedle"
Beefy Trucker Kevin Michael Richardson "Undercover"
Bellicus of Alien X Kevin Conroy "X = Ben + 2"
Ben Tennyson Yuri Lowenthal
Big Chill Dee Bradley Baker
Big Ship Kevin Michael Richardson "Pet Project," "War of the Worlds"
Blue General Jeff Bennett "Simple"
Brad Yuri Lowenthal "Pet Project"
Brainstorm Dee Bradley Baker
Bunker Highbreed Paul Eiding "If All Else Fails"
Cannon Bolt Dee Bradley Baker "War of the Worlds" Pt. 1, "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1
Captive #1 Yuri Lowenthal "Primus"
Carl Tennyson Don McManus "Grounded"
Cash Matt Levin "The Gauntlet"
Charmcaster Kari Wahlgren "In Charm's Way," "Time Heals"
Choir Alien Paul Eiding "Fool's Gold"
Chromastone Dee Bradley Baker
Cicely Ashley Johnson "Con of Rath"
Colonel Richard McGonagle "If All Else Fails"
Commander Raff James Arnold Taylor "X = Ben + 2"
Commander Sangfroid Dee Bradley Baker "Con of Rath"
Computer Voice John DiMaggio "Above and Beyond"
Connor Hakeem Kae-Kazim "Be-Knighted"
Cooper Daniels Corey Padnos "Undercover," "War of the Worlds"
Cosmic Mom Diane Michelle "Busy Box"
Cotton Candy Vendor Rob Paulsen "Pier Pressure"
Counterman Robert David Hall "Good Copy, Bad Copy"
D'Void / Dr. Aloysius Animo Dwight Schultz "Voided"
DNAlien Dee Bradley Baker
  Jeff Bennett "Unearthed"
  Diane Delano "Max Out"
  Paul Eiding "Ben 10 Returns," "Inside Man," "War of the Worlds"
  Wallace Langham "Inside Man"
  Yuri Lowenthal "Unearthed"
  Richard McGonagle "Everybody Talks About the Weather," "Max Out"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Undercover," "War of the Worlds"
DNAlien Guards Richard McGonagle "Undercover"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Undercover"
DNAlien Interrogator Richard McGonagle "Max Out"
Darkstar / Mike Morningstar Wil Wheaton "All That Glitters," "Darkstar Rising," "War of the Worlds," "Trade-Off"
Dasypodidaes Dee Bradley Baker "Alone Together"
Decka Dee Bradley Baker "Fool's Gold"
Desk Sergeant Richard McGonagle "Inside Man"
Devin Levin Ioan Gruffudd "Vendetta"
Diamondhead Dee Bradley Baker "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 2, "Single-Handed"
Dirt Farmer Dee Bradley Baker "Voided"
Dr. Joseph Chadwick Tim Curry "Pet Project"
Dragon Clancy Brown "Be-Knighted"
Dravek Dee Bradley Baker "Alone Togther"
Driver Dee Bradley Baker "Pet Project"
Echo Echo Dee Bradley Baker
Edna Diane Delano "Max Out"
Emperor Milleous Kevin Michael Richardson "X = Ben + 2"
Forever King Patrick Michael York "Be-Knighted"
Forever Knight Leader Dee Bradley Baker "Trade-Off"
Forever Knights Dee Bradley Baker "Vendetta"
  Jeff Bennett "Ben 10 Returns"
  Greg Cipes "Ben 10 Returns"
  Tim Curry "Pet Project"
  Greg Ellis "Good Copy, Bad Copy"
  Robert David Hall "Good Copy, Bad Copy"
  Yuri Lowenthal "Ben 10 Returns"
  Richard McGonagle "Ben 10 Returns"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Ben 10 Returns," "Pet Project"
Frank Tennyson George Newbern "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
General Groff Richard McGonagle "Paradox"
Ghostfreak Jeff Bennett "Ghost Town"
Goop Dee Bradley Baker
Goop (Vilgax Version) James Remar "Primus"
Grandpa Max Tennyson Paul Eiding
Gwen Tennyson Ashley Johnson
Happy Alien Greg Cipes "Fool's Gold"
Helen Juliet Landau "Plumber's Helpers," "Voided," "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1, "Above and Beyond"
Hex Khary Payton "Time Heals"
Highbreed Dee Bradley Baker "Birds of a Feather"
  Paul Eiding "Darkstar Rising"
  Richard McGonagle
Highbreed Bailiff Dee Bradley Baker "Vreedle, Vreedle"
Highbreed Commander Kevin Michael Richardson "Ben 10 Returns"
Highbreed Guard Robert David Hall "War of the Worlds" Pt. 2
Highbreed Supreme Commander Richard McGonagle "War of the Worlds" Pt. 2
Hugo Dee Bradley Baker "Paradox"
Humungousaur Dee Bradley Baker
Incursion Warriors Kevin Conroy "X = Ben + 2"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "X = Ben + 2"
Ingenue Vyvan Pham "Pet Project"
Ishyama Paul Eiding "The Final Battle" Pt. 1
JT Yuri Lowenthal "Ben 10 Returns"
  Scott Menville "The Gauntlet"
Jailer Greg Ellis "Good Copy, Bad Copy"
Jarett Alexander Polinsky "Con of Rath"
Jetray Dee Bradley Baker
Judge Domstol John DiMaggio "Vreedle, Vreedle"
Julie Yamamoto Vyvan Pham
Ken Tennyson Will Friedle "Max Out"
Kenko the Shapeshifter Yuri Lowenthal "The Final Battle" Pt. 1
Kevin Levin Greg Cipes
Kid Greg Cipes "In Charm's Way"
Kids Greg Cipes "Singlehanded"
  Vyvan Pham "Singlehanded"
Kraab Jeff Bennett "The Final Battle" Pt. 1
Last Alien Dee Bradley Baker "Fool's Gold"
Lu Diedrich Bader "Birds of a Feather"
Lucy Kim Mai Guest "All That Glitters"
Lukik Paul Eiding "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1
Magister Labrid Jeff Bennett "Ben 10 Returns"
Magister Prior Gilhil J.K. Simmons "Darkstar Rising"
Man Dee Bradley Baker "If All Else Fails"
Manny Armstrong Khary Payton
Mayor Coleman Brian George "Fool's Gold"
Moley Dee Bradley Baker "Ghost Town"
Mouldywarp Paul Eiding "Inferno"
Mr. Smoothy Dee Bradley Baker "In Charm's Way"
Mr. Smoothy Girl Ashley Johnson "The Secret of Chromastone"
Mrs. Levin Pamela Adlon "Vendetta"
Myaxx Vyvan Pham "The Final Battle"
Natalie Tennyson Juliet Landau "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
New Alien Paul Eiding "Fool's Gold"
New Cop Richard McGonagle "Inside Man"
Octagon Vreedle John DiMaggio "Vreedle, Vreedle," "Busy Box," "Con of Rath"
Officer Wells Dee Bradley Baker "Everybody's Talking About the Weather"
Omnitrix Voice Yuri Lowenthal
Orb Yuri Lowenthal "Fool's Gold"
Paradox David McCallum "Paradox," "War of the Worlds," "Time Heals"
Patrolman Yuri Lowenthal "Inferno"
  Rob Paulsen "Pier Pressure"
Pierce Adam Wylie "Plumber's Helpers," "Voided," "Above and Beyond"
Pilot Clancy Brown "Be-Knighted"
Police Officer Richard McGonagle "Everybody's Talking About the Weather"
Policeman Jeff Bennett "The Final Battle"
Policeman #1 Dee Bradley Baker "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1
Princess Attea Tara Strong "X = Ben + 2"
Probity Vyvan Pham "Simple"
Psyphon Dee Bradley Baker "The Vengeance of Vilgax," "Primus"
Pyroxovore #1 Dee Bradley Baker "Inferno"
Radio Announcer Yuri Lowenthal "Simple"
Ragnarok John DiMaggio "Vendetta"
Rath John DiMaggio "Con of Rath," "Above and Beyond," "Vendetta"
Red General Jeff Bennett "Simple"
Reinrassig III Richard McGonagle "Alone Together," "War of the Worlds" Pt. 2
Rhomboid Vreedle Rob Paulsen "Vreedle, Vreedle," "Busy Box," "Con of Rath"
Robot Guard Ioan Gruffudd "Vendetta"
Rock Monster #1 Dee Bradley Baker "Time Heals"
Rubber Suit Alien Greg Cipes "Pet Project"
Sandra Tennyson Beth Littleford "Grounded"
Security Aliens Jeff Bennett "Ghost Town"
  James Remar "Ghost Town"
Sensei Richard McGonagle "Ben 10 Returns"
Serena of Alien X Vicki Lewis "X = Ben + 2"
Sevenseven Dee Bradley Baker "X = Ben + 2"
Shem Will Friedle "Max Out"
Sheriff Richard McGonagle "Undercover"
Sheriff Mason Kevin Michael Richardson "Everybody's Talking About the Weather"
Ship Vyvan Pham
Simion Diedrich Bader "Birds of a Feather"
Sir Morton Kevin Michael Richardson "Pet Project"
Spidermonkey Dee Bradley Baker
Squire Greg Ellis "Be-Knighted"
Ssserpent Dee Bradley Baker "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1
Sunder Powers Boothe "Singlehanded"
Swampfire Dee Bradley Baker
TV Announcer Khary Payton "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1
TV Narrator Kevin Michael Richardson "Pet Project"
Tennis Player Ashley Johnson "Pier Pressure"
Tetrax Shard Dave Fennoy "The Secret of Chromastone"
Trina Kamali Minter "All That Glitters"
Truck Driver Paul Eiding "All That Glitters"
  Yuri Lowenthal "Pier Pressure"
Tyler Wallace Langham "Inside Man"
Ultimos Jeff Bennett "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 1
Upchuck Dee Bradley Baker "War of the Worlds" Pt. 1, "The Vengeance of Vilgax" Pt. 2
Verdona Tennyson (Anodite Form) Juliet Landau "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Verdona Tennyson (Human Form) Barbara Bain "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Vilgax James Remar
Vulcanus John DiMaggio "Kevin's Big Score," "Inferno," "Con of Rath"
Way Big Dee Bradley Baker "War of the Worlds" Pt. 1
Worker John DiMaggio "Inferno"
Xenocyte Dee Bradley Baker "Inside Man"
Zaw-Veenull Dee Bradley Baker "Con of Rath"
Zombie Girls Kim Mai Guest "All That Glitters"
  Kamali Minter "All That Glitters"

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