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Tom and Jerry Kids
Tom and Jerry Kids

Also Known As: Tom and Jerry Kids Show, Tom & Jerry Kids
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 08 September 1990 - 02 October 1993
Voice Director: Gordon Hunt

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ants Frank Welker "This Is No Picnic"
Bat Cat Frank Welker "Bat Mouse"
Bat Mouse Don Messick "Bat Mouse"
Calaboose Cal Phil Hartman
Cleocatra Tress MacNeille "Cleocatra"
Clyde Brian Cummings
Commander Frank Welker "Scourge of the Sky"
Dripple Charlie Adler
Droopy Mario Castaņeda (Spanish (Latin American))
  Don Messick
Jerry Frank Welker
Jerry's Mother Sally Struthers "Jerry's Mother"
Jester Rob Paulsen "Fallen Archers"
Kyle Pat Fraley
McWolf Frank Welker
Miss Vavoom Teresa Ganzel
Narrator Don Messick "Scourge of the Sky"
Rap Rat Charlie Adler "Rap Rat Is Where It's At"
Slowpoke Antonio William Callaway
Spike Richard Gautier
Tom Frank Welker
Tyke Patric Zimmerman
Urfo Catcher Frank Welker "Urfo Returns"
Urfo's Mother Charlie Adler "Urfo Returns"
Wildmouse Frank Welker
Witch June Foray "Doom Manor"
Yolker Pat Fraley "Super Droop And Dripple Boy Meet The Yolker"
(additional voices) Brandon Adams
  Joe Alaskey
  Patricia Alice Albrecht
  Lewis Arquette
  Rene Auberjonois
  Michael Bell
  Gregg Berger
  Susan Blu
  Sorrell Booke
  Charlie Brill
  Nicole Brown
  S. Scott Bullock
  Arthur Burghardt
  Greg Burson
  Hamilton Camp
  Nancy Cartwright
  Marsha Clark
  Selette Cole
  Townsend Coleman
  Danny Cooksey
  Bud Cort
  Jesse Corti
  Peter Cullen
  Jim Cummings
  Tim Curry
  Jennifer Darling
  Mari Devon
  Nancy Dussault
  Maggie Egan
  Brad Garrett
  Kathy Garver
  Joan Gerber
  Barry Gordon
  Archie Hahn
  Pamela Hayden
  George Hearn
  Dana Hill
  Jerry Houser
  Tony Jay
  Arte Johnson
  Vicki Juditz
  Zale Kessler
  Kip King
  Paul Kreppel
  Maurice LaMarche
  David L. Lander
  Allan Lurie
  Sherry Lynn
  Kenneth Mars
  Chuck McCann
  Edie McClurg
  Diane Michelle
  Brian Stokes Mitchell
  Alan Oppenheimer
  Bibi Osterwald
  Gary Owens
  Patricia Parris
  Patrick Pinney
  Henry Polic II
  Tony Pope
  Hal Rayle
  Clive Revill
  Robert Ridgely
  Kimmy Robertson
  Stuart Robinson
  Roger Rose
  Neil Ross
  Ronnie Schell
  Susan Silo
  Hal Smith
  Kath Soucie
  Barbara Stuart
  Marcelo Tubert
  Janet Waldo
  B.J. Ward
  Jimmy Weldon
  Jane Wiedlin
  Lee Wilkof
  April Winchell
  Jo Anne Worley

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