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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 17 September 1988 - 02 September 1989
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Anne White Diane Pershing "Wildsharkk"
Babysitter Nancy Cartwright "At the Babysitter's"
Barbara Cathy Cavadini "The Driver's License"
Bonechill / Chilton Bone Keene Curtis "Bonechill"
Bowling Alley Manager Andre Stojka "Bonechill"
Captain Wildsharkk Henry Polic II "Wildsharkk"
Catcher Henchman Stu Rosen "Triple-Play"
Clark Kent (Teen) Townsend Coleman "First Date"
Co-Ed Cathy Cavadini "The Driver's License"
Conroy Will Ryan "The Adoption"
Cybron Frank Welker "Cybron Strikes"
Defendroids William Callaway "Destroy the Defendroids"
Dr. Morpheus Dan Gilvezan "The Beast Beneath These Streets"
Faora Ginny McSwain "The Hunter"
Fat Henchman Stan Wojno "Triple-Play"
General Hawkins Jack Angel "Cybron Strikes"
General Zod Rene Auberjonois "The Hunter"
George Danny Cooksey "The First Day of School"
Jenet Klyburn Ginny McSwain "Fugitive from Space"
Jessica Morganberry Lynne Marie Stewart
Jimmy Olsen Mark L. Taylor
Jonathan Kent Alan Oppenheimer
Judge Cook Tom Williams "Triple-Play"
Lana Lang Liz Georges
Lana Lang (young) Kellie Martin "The Birthday Party"
  Russi Taylor "The First Day of School"
Lex Luthor Michael Bell
Lois Lane Ginny McSwain
Madame Nikua Ellen Gerstell "By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth"
Main Title Narrator William Woodson
Maria Cathy Cavadini "The Driver's License"
Martha Kent Tress MacNeille
Mrs. Murphy Jeannie Elias "The Supermarket"
Patron Michael Bell "Superman and Wonder Woman vs. the Sorceress of Time"
Perry White Claude Joseph (French)
  Stanley Ralph Ross
Prankster / Oswald Loomis Howard Morris "Triple-Play"
Professor Gerber Andre Stojka "Bonechill"
Queen Hippolyta Pat Carroll "Superman and Wonder Woman vs. the Sorceress of Time"
S.T.A.R. Labs Security Guard Neil Ross "Fugitive from Space"
Scout Kid Brandon Bluhm "Overnight with the Scouts"
  Ben Ryan Ganger "Overnight with the Scouts"
  Edan Gross "Overnight with the Scouts"
Scout Leader Patrick Pinney "Overnight with the Scouts"
Ship Computer Patrick Gorman "Fugitive from Space"
Short Henchman Joey Camen "Triple-Play"
Sideshow Barker Jeff Doucette "The Circus"
Stadium Security Guard Stan Wojno "Triple-Play"
Superman / Clark Kent Beau Weaver
Syrene B.J. Ward "Superman and Wonder Woman vs. the Sorceress of Time"
The Hunter Peter Cullen "The Hunter"
Ursa Ginny McSwain "The Hunter"
Wonder Woman Mary McDonald-Lewis "Superman and Wonder Woman vs. the Sorceress of Time"
Zenandra Susan Silo "Fugitive from Space"
(additional voices) P.L. Brown
  Darleen Carr
  Gabriel Damon
  Ron Feinberg
  Ed Gilbert
  Barry Gordon
  Darryl Hickman
  Erv Immerman
  Chris Latta
  Danny Mann
  Ron Masak
  Cindy McGee
  Ron Palillo
  Hal Rayle
  Kathy Ritter
  John Stephenson
  Carl Steven
  Cree Summer
  Eric Suter
  Patric Zimmerman

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