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Pinky and the Brain
Pinky and the Brain

Also Known As: Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and the Brain
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 1995 - 1998
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Admiral John Vernon "Das Brain"
Announcer Michael Villani "You Said a Mouseful"
Anthony Hopkins Billy West "The Pinky Protocol"
Baby Tress MacNeille "Two Mice and a Baby"
Baloney Jeff Bennett "Two Mice and a Baby"
Bartender Frank Welker "Brinky"
Bernard Shaw Kevin Michael Richardson "The Pink Candidate"
Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Dorian Harewood "Mice Don't Dance"
Billie Tress MacNeille
Bob Phil Snyder "The Pink Candidate"
Bob Dole Jim Meskimen "The Pink Candidate"
Bobby Nacht Peter Jason "Hoop Schemes"
Bunny Cree Summer "Brinky"
Castro-Type Jeff Bennett "Say What, Earth?"
Chris Jeff Bennett "Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play"
Christopher Walken Jeff Bennett "The Pinky Protocol," "Brainy the Pooh"
Chuck Jim Cummings "Robin Brain"
Cribbage Charles Howerton "The Third Mouse"
Critic #1 Brian George "Pinkcasso"
Cushing Corey Burton "The Mummy"
David Letterman Roger Rose
Dawn Pamela Hayden "The Real Life"
Del Monte Jim Meskimen "Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play"
Delilah Julia Duffy "A Little Off the Top"
Dick Clark Dick Clark "The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special"
Dr. Belvedere Paul Rugg "Megalomaniac's Anonymous"
Drake Brian George
Earth Earl Boen "Say What, Earth?"
Ed McMahon Ed McMahon "The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special"
FBI Agent Townsend Coleman "The Pinky Protocol"
Farmer Jan Rabson "Brain Noir"
Female Rockstar Tress MacNeille "Megalomaniac's Anonymous"
Floyd Nesbit Alex Rocco "Fly"
Fred Floppel Frank Welker
Fred Spinatra Jess Harnell "Brain's Way"
General Odin Frank Welker "Plan Brain from Outer Space"
Giselle Laraine Newman "Calvin Brain"
Grover Whalen John Astin "Mice Don't Dance"
Hal Slug Townsend Coleman "Cinebrainia"
Hector Papdopolis Marcelo Tubert "Dangerous Brains"
Hercules Frank Welker "Hercules Unwound"
Hippie Jeff Bennett "Welcome to the Jungle"
  Roger Rose "Brainy Jack"
Jack Maguire James Belushi "Das Mouse"
Jay Leno Billy West "Brain's Bogie"
Jelly-Head Kevin Michael Richardson "Hoop Schemes"
Jimmy Jo Jr. Mark Hamill "Brain Acres"
Johannes Gutenberg Larry Cedar "Collect 'Em All"
John Tesh John Tesh "A Pinky and the Brain Halloween"
Katie Couric Tress MacNeille "Brain's Song"
Larry Billy West "Pinky and the Brain and... Larry"
Larry Bruhn Thomas F. Wilson "Dangerous Brains"
Man #1 Roger Rose "Hoop Schemes"
Marv Albert Billy West "Hoop Schemes"
Maurice the Carrot Frank Welker "Brain Acres"
Mousealope Calf Tress MacNeille "Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play"
Mr. Sackett John Moschitta Jr. "You Said a Mouseful"
Mr. Sultana Paul Rugg "My Feldmans, My Friends," "This Old Mouse"
Murray LeVar Burton "The Real Life"
Newt Gingrich Phil Snyder "The Pink Candidate"
Old Woman Tress MacNeille "Robin Brain"
Pinky Rob Paulsen
Ponytail Michael McKean "Brain Drained"
Queen Roach Tress MacNeille "Brain of the Future"
Rags Larry Cedar "Mouse of La Mancha"
Referee Jan Rabson "Hoop Schemes"
Reporter Lauri Fraser "Meet John Brain"
  Steve McGowan "The Pink Candidate"
Robert John Mariano "Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play"
Romey Rob Paulsen
Ross Perot Frank Welker "Megalomaniac's Anonymous"
Samson Jeff Bennett "A Little Off the Top"
Saran Jim Cummings "A Little Off the Top"
Scientist #2 Pat Musick "The Maze"
Shopper Lauren Tom "Brain Acres"
Singer T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh "Inherit the Wheeze"
Snowball Roddy McDowall
Spike Scott Valentine "The Real Life"
Sully Tress MacNeille "Plan Brain from Outer Space"
Sweaty Pete Richard Karron "The Pink Candidate"
Talleyrand Richard Libertini "Napoleon Brainaparte"
Tax Man #1 Sam McMurray "Robin Brain"
The Brain Pierre Hatet (French)
  Maurice LaMarche
Toll Collector Michael McKean "Robin Brain"
Tom Hanks Dave Coulier "Brain's Song"
V/O #1 Jim Cummings "Brain's Song"
Video Teacher Sam McMurray "Brain's Bogie"
Weird Guy Peter Scolari "Brain Drained"
Wendy Gail Matthius "Brain Drained"
Zalgar Jeff Bennett "Plan Brain from Outer Space"
Zeus Earl Boen "Hercules Unwound"
(additional voices) Joe Lala
  Diane Michelle
  Jeffrey Tambor

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