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Mission Hill
Mission Hill

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 24 September 1999 - 11 August 2002

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Andy French Wallace Langham
Chola Lisa Arch
Dr. Eulmeyer Dave Thomas "Kevin Loves Weirdie"
Girl Lisa Arch
Gus Duncz Nick Jameson
Gwen Jane Wiedlin
Jim Kuback Brian Posehn
Kevin French Scott Menville
Miss Colleen Peck Lisa Arch
Mr. Czelanski Dave Thomas "Pilot (The Douchebag Aspect)," "Kevin's Problem (Porno for Pyro)," "Andy Joins the PTA"
Mr. French Nick Jameson
Natalie Leibowitz-Hernandez Vicki Lewis
Posey Tyler Vicki Lewis
Stacy Lisa Arch
Stogie Nick Jameson
Wally Langford Tom Kenny

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