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Wakko's Wish
Wakko's Wish

Genre: Animated Direct-to-Video Film
Release Date: 1999

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baloney Jeff Bennett
Baron Thaddeus von Plotz III Frank Welker
Bobby John Mariano
Captain of the Guard Jeff Bennett
Constable Ralph Frank Welker
Desire Fulfillment Facilitator Ben Stein
Dot Warner Tress MacNeille
Dr. Otto Scratchansniff Rob Paulsen
Flavio Frank Welker
Hello Nurse Tress MacNeille
King Salazar Paxton Whitehead
Marita Tress MacNeille
Mindy Nancy Cartwright
Mindy's Mom Tress MacNeille
Minerva Mink Julie Brown
Mr. Director Paul Rugg
Narrator Tom Bodett
Pesto Chick Vennera
Pinky Rob Paulsen
Rita Bernadette Peters
Runt Frank Welker
Skippy Squirrel Nathan Ruegger
Slappy Squirrel Sherri Stoner
Squit Maurice LaMarche
The Brain Maurice LaMarche
Wakko Warner Jess Harnell
Yakko Warner Rob Paulsen
(chorus) Julie Bernstein
  Steve Bernstein
  Bobbi Page
  Rob Paulsen

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