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Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1998
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abraham Lincoln Maurice LaMarche
Aka Pella Cree Summer
Announcer Dick Tufeld "Inventors Hall of Fame: Part 2", "Hannibal Trails", "Writers of the Purple Prose", "The Teddy Roosevelt Show"
Announcer for "Histeria Night Live" Don Pardo
Attila the Hun Jim Cummings ?
Bald Eagle Billy West
Benjamin Franklin Billy West
Big Fat Baby Luke Ruegger
Bill Straightman James Wickline
Billy the Kid Luke Ruegger "The Wild West"
Bucky Jason Marsden "The Wild West"
Calgary Kasem Casey Kasem "North America"
Charity Bazaar Laraine Newman
Charles Darwin Paul Rugg "The Confucius Group"
Chit Chatterson Billy West
Cho-Cho Tress MacNeille
Confucius Billy West
Doc Holliday Billy West "The Wild West"
Eli Whitney Paul Rugg
Ernest Hemingway Adam West "Super Writers"
Evita Peron Charo "Histeria Around the World" Pt. 2
Father Time Frank Welker
Fetch Frank Welker
Froggo Nathan Ruegger
General Custer Rob Paulsen "The Wild West"
General Ulysses S. Grant Fred Travalena
George Washington Maurice LaMarche
Harriet Tubman CCH Pounder ?
Histeria Kid Chorus Tony Attaway
  Julie Bernstein
  Steve Bernstein
  Elizabeth Lamers
  Tress MacNeille
  Laraine Newman
  Rob Paulsen
  Nathan Ruegger
  Cree Summer
Jane Fonda Tress MacNeille "When Time Collides"
Joan of Arc Laraine Newman
Joseph Stalin Maurice LaMarche
Julius Caesar Fred Travalena
Lenny Fred Travalena "The Wild West"
Leonardo Da Vinci Don Novello "The Renaissance", "History of Flight"
Lizzie Borden Julia Duffy "When Time Collides"
Loud Kiddington Cody Ruegger
Lucky Bob Jeff Bennett
Lydia Karaoke Nora Dunn
Marc Antony Fred Travalena
Martha Lincoln Laraine Newman
Meriweather Lewis Paul Rugg "The Louisiana Purchase", "Explorer Poker"
Merlin Paul Rugg
Miss Information Laraine Newman
Montezuma Paul Rugg "The Montezuma Show"
Mr. Smarty Pants Rob Paulsen
Napoleon Jeff Bennett
Nostradamus Paul Rugg
Pat Garrett Jeff Bennett "The Wild West"
Paul Revere Rob Paulsen "The American Revolution: Part 2"
Pepper Mills Tress MacNeille
Pule Howser Frank Welker
Qinshihuangdi Paul Rugg "Return to China"
Queen Nzinga T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh "Queen Nzinga"
Sammy Melman Rob Paulsen
Sergei Eisenstein Paul Rugg
Statue of Liberty Nora Dunn
Ted Turner Rob Paulsen "When Time Collides"
The Horse Billy West
Thomas Jefferson Billy West
Toast Tress MacNeille
Wang Newton Jess Harnell ?
Will Rogers Luke Ruegger "Communuts"
World's Oldest Woman Tress MacNeille

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