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Hello Kitty and Friends
Hello Kitty and Friends

Genre: Anime Series
Release Dates: 1991 - 1995

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Amelia Minchin Rin Mizuhara (Japanese) "A Little Princess"
BakuBaku Chika Sakamoto (Japanese) "The Dream Thief"
Becky Yumi Touma (Japanese) "A Little Princess"
Choppi Omi Minami (Japanese)
Circus Leader Kenichi Ogata (Japanese) "The Circus has Come"
Devil King Gora Kenji Utsumi (Japanese) "The Magical Forest's Princess"
Ermengarde St. John Tamao Hayashi (Japanese) "A Little Princess"
Fifi Rei Sakuma (Japanese)
Fred Urara Takano (Japanese) "Wonderful Sisters"
Ganta Kyouko Tonguu (Japanese)
Hello Kitty Karen Bernstein
  Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese)
  Mami Koyama (Japanese) "Kitty and Mimmy's Happy Birthday"
Jessie Ikue Ohtani (Japanese) "A Little Princess"
JoJo Minami Takayama (Japanese) "Magical Apple"
Jody Akemi Shinohara (Japanese)
Keroleen Masako Miura (Japanese)
Keroppi Yoshiko Matsuo (Japanese)
Little Girl Mayumi Nomura (Japanese) "A Little Princess"
Mama Run Sasaki (Japanese) (Some Episodes)
  Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese)
Mimmy Letizia Ciampa (Italian)
  Mary Long
  Aya Sakaguchi (Japanese) (Some Episodes)
  Miina Tominaga (Japanese)
Noberun Roko Takizawa (Japanese)
Papa Aruno Tahara (Japanese)
Pekkle Yoshiko Matsuo (Japanese)
Pochacco Mika Kanai (Japanese)
Police Officer Chafurin (Japanese)
Prince Robin/Zalard Hiroshi Takemura (Japanese) "The Magical Forest's Princess"
Princess Flora Maria Kawamura (Japanese) "The Magical Forest's Princess"
Pronty Fushigi Yamada (Japanese) "Mysterious Lake"
Ralph Crewe Hidetoshi Nakamura (Japanese) "A Little Princess"
Ram Dass Shinichiro Ota (Japanese) "A Little Princess"
Rody Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese) "Happy! Costume Contest"
Ruby Chisa Yokoyama (Japanese)
Thomas Tomoko Maruo (Japanese)
Tom Kei Tomiyama (Japanese) "The Aliens that Landed in London"
Tracey Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese)
Tuxedo Sam Kazuko Sugiyama (Japanese) "Kitty and Mimmy's Happy Birthday"

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