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Kamichama Karin
Kamichama Karin

Genre: Anime Series
Release Dates: 06 April 2007 - 28 September 2007

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Himeka Kujou Ha Mi-Kyoung (Korean)
  Noriko Shitaya (Japanese)
Jin Kuga Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese)
Karin Hanazono Rhee Ji Yeong (Korean)
  Mai Nakahara (Japanese)
Kazune Kujou Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese)
Kazune-Z member B Minako Kotobuki (Japanese)
Kazusa Ui Miyazaki (Japanese)
Kirika Karasuma Yuki Kaida (Japanese)
Kirio Karasuma Shintaro Asanuma (Japanese)
Mi Yong Yi/Miyon Kazusa Murai (Japanese)
Michirian Member C Satomi Satou (Japanese)
Michiru Nishikiori Akira Ishida (Japanese)
Rika Karasuma Kozue Yoshizumi (Japanese)
Suzune Kimiko Koyama (Japanese)
Yuuki Sakurai Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese)

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