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Jackie Chan Adventures
Jackie Chan Adventures

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 09 September 2000 - 07 July 2005
Voice Director: Susan Blu

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abila Cathy Cavadini "Lost City of the Muntabs"
Amber Susan Eisenberg "Origami"
Bai Tsa Mona Marshall
Bopper Clancy Brown "The J-Tots"
Buford MacDonald Clancy Brown "When Pigs Fly"
Butch Bill Fagerbakke "Pleasure Cruise"
Captain Augustus Black Clancy Brown
Cardiff Zendo Maurice LaMarche "Enter the Cat"
Carnival Worker Adam Baldwin "Animal Crackers"
Chang Timothy Dang "Re-Enter the J-Team," "Attack of the J-Clones," "The J-Tots"
Charlie Rino Romano "Dragon Scouts"
Child Amy Hill "A Jolly J-Team X-Mas"
Chip Jeff Fischer "Rabbit Run"
Chow James Sie
Coach Clancy Brown "Rabbit Run"
Com 1 Dan Gilvezan "Agent Tag"
Crime Family Leader Clyde Kusatsu "Mother of All Battles"
Dai Gui Frank Welker
Dalong Wong James Hong
Daughter Candi Milo "The Curse of El Chupracabra"
Detective Le Foo Michael Gough (II) "Origami"
Dino Stefanson Clancy Brown "Snake Hunt"
Doctor John DiMaggio "Rumble in the Big House"
Dr. Karl Nivore Ron Perlman "Shell Game"
Dr. Necrosis Charles Shaughnessy "Agent Tag"
Dr. Weber Patrick Pinney "Into the Mouth of Evil"
Drago (Shendu's Son) Michael Rosenbaum
Dragon Scout Leader Michael Ironside "Dragon Scouts"
Drew Jeannie Elias
E.B. MacDonald Adam Baldwin "When Pigs Fly"
El Toro Fuerte Miguel Sandoval
Elf Bill Tanzer "A Jolly J-Team X-Mas"
Elvin Elf David Kaye "A Jolly J-Team X-Mas"
Farmer MacDonald Peter Jason "The Amazing T-Troop"
Father Clancy Brown "A Jolly J-Team X-Mas"
Finn Adam Baldwin
Frank Thom Adcox Hernandez "Dragon Scouts"
Game Show Host Adam Baldwin "It's All in the Game"
Giles Michael T. Weiss "Pleasure Cruise"
Gnomekop Brian Doyle-Murray "Tough Break"
Gray Fox Michael Gough (II) "Origami"
Hak Foo Jim Cummings (2000)
  John DiMaggio (2001- )
Helga Sorenson Cynthia Songé "The J-Tots"
High Mystic George Takei "The Chosen One"
Hirsch Andre Sogliuzzo "The Amazing T-Girl"
Hoyles Greg Ellis "Agent Tag"
Hsi Wu Andre Sogliuzzo
Ikazuki Maurice LaMarche "The Demon Behind," "Ninja Twilight"
Inuit Leader Carlos Alazraqui "Danger in the Deep Freeze"
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan (exertion noises)
  Stefan Gossler (German)
  James Sie
Jade Chan Stacie Chan
  Chantal Macé (French)
Jade Chan (Adult) Lucy Liu "J2"
Jimmy Sam Riegel "J2: Revisited"
John Smith Dan Gilvezan "Lost City of the Muntabs"
Jumba Dan Castellaneta "Into the Mouth of Evil"
Kai Ching Robert Ito "I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet"
Kiang Chi Dee Bradley Baker "Chi of the Vampire"
Larry Robbie Rist "Antler Action"
Larry "Lar" Franklin Greg Ellis "And He Does His Own Stunts"
Larson Oliver Muirhead "Lost City of the Muntabs"
Lead Magister Neil Ross "The Chan Who Knew Too Much"
Lo Pei David Carradine "The Warrior Incarnate"
MC Cobra Jeff Fischer
Magisters Jeff Bennett "The Chan Who Knew Too Much"
  Rob Paulsen "The Chan Who Knew Too Much"
  Frank Welker "The Chan Who Knew Too Much"
Master Barbar James Sie "Tohru Who?"
Maureen Jennifer Darling "Showdown in the Old West"
Maynard Maile Flanagan "Enter the Viper," "Bullies"
Mayor Adam Baldwin "Rabbit Run"
Miss Kimber CCH Pounder "The Shadow Eaters"
Mohajah Quinton Flynn "Into the Mouth of Evil"
Monk Kate Higgins "The Chosen One"
  Andre Sogliuzzo "The Amazing T-Girl"
Monkey King Bill Tanzer "I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet"
  Billy West "Monkey a Go-Go"
Mother Candi Milo "The Curse of El Chupacabra"
Mr. Freedman Bill Tanzer "The Demon Beneath My Wings"
Mr. Lam George Kee Cheung "Chi of the Vampire"
Mr. Lam's Assistant Dee Bradley Baker "Chi of the Vampire"
Mrs. Hartman Jeannie Elias
Muntab Leader Michael Horse "Lost City of the Muntabs"
Museum Curator Noah Nelson "Dragon Scouts"
Old Monk Tim Lounibos "The Lotus Temple"
Origami / Kuniko Kasahara Timothy Dang "Origami"
Philip Crane Bill Tanzer "The J-Tots"
Po Kong Mona Marshall
Police Dispatcher Jeannie Elias "Stealing Thunder"
Portia Kat Cressida "Into the Mouth of Evil"
Production Assistant Jeannie Elias "It's All in the Game"
Ratso Clancy Brown
Rice Museum Curator Susan Blu "Weight and See"
Ricky Rothman Clancy Brown "It's All in the Game"
Rocko Charlie Schlatter "Dragon Scouts"
Santa Claus David Kaye "A Jolly J-Team X-Mas"
Shendu James Sie
Simone Kate Higgins "Return of the Pussycat"
Spring-Heeled Jack Corey Burton "Return of the Pussycat"
Strikemaster Ice Mike Erwin
Supermoose Clancy Brown
Taggert McStone Christopher Daniel Barnes "Agent Tag"
Tarakudo the Shadowkhan King Miguel Ferrer
Tchang Zu Frank Welker
Tohru Noah Nelson
Tohru's Mother Amy Hill
  Arlette Thomas (French)
Tso Lan Glenn Shadix
Uncle Henri Labussière (French)
  Sab Shimono
Valmont Andrew Ableson (2001-2002)
  Greg Ellis (2002-2005)
  Julian Sands (2000-2001)
Valmont (Young) Thomas Dekker "Through the Rabbit Hole," "Little Valmont, Big Jade"
Vanessa Barone Mona Marshall "Scouts Honor," "Antler Action"
Viper Susan Eisenberg
Waitress Jeannie Elias "The Powers That Be" Pt. 1
Wesley Rank Jeff Bennett "Snake Hunt"
Wing Keone Young "A Night at the Opera"
Wire-Operated Samurai Frank Welker "And He Does His Own Stunts"
Xiao Fung Corey Burton
Xu-Lin Ashlie Chan "The Lotus Temple"

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