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Pound Puppies
Pound Puppies

Also Known As: All New Pound Puppies
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 13 September 1986 - 23 September 1988
Voice Director: Gordon Hunt

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Brattina Stonehart Adrienne Alexander
Bright Eyes Nancy Cartwright
Captain Slaughter Peter Cullen
Catgut Frank Welker
Cooler Dan Gilvezan
Holly Ami Foster
Howler Robert Morse
Katrina Stoneheart Pat Carroll
Main Title Narrator Don Messick
Millie Trueblood June Lockhart "How to Found a Pound"
Nabbit Frank Welker
Nose Marie Ruth Buzzi
Teensy Lorenzo Music "Little Big Dog"
Whopper B.J. Ward
(additional voices) Chad Allen (1986-1987)
  Rene Auberjonois (1987-1988)
  Bever-Leigh Banfield (1987-1988)
  Allyce Beasley (1987-1988)
  Gregg Berger (1987-1988)
  Steve Bulen (1986-1987)
  Arthur Burghardt (1986-1987)
  Danny Cooksey
  Brian Cummings
  Jim Cummings (1987-1988)
  Gabriel Damon (1987-1988)
  Barry Dennen
  Robert DoQui (1986-1987)
  Casey Ellison
  Richard Erdman (1986-1987)
  Pat Fraley
  Joan Gardner
  Linda Gary
  Phillip Glasser (1987-1988)
  Kathleen Helppie-Shipley (1987-1988)
  Erv Immerman (1987-1988)
  Katie Leigh (1987-1988)
  Marilyn Lightstone
  Nancy Linari (1987-1988)
  Chuck McCann
  David Mendenhall (1987-1988)
  Haunani Minn
  Brian Stokes Mitchell (1987-1988)
  Patricia Parris (1987-1988)
  Clive Revill
  Roger Rose
  Ronnie Schell
  Leslie Speights (1987-1988)
  John Stephenson (1986-1987)
  Janice Tori (1987-1988)
  Marcelo Tubert (1987-1988)
  R.J. Williams (1987-1988)
  Patric Zimmerman

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