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Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2000
Voice Director: Chris Gifford

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abuela Antonia Rey Castro
Abuelo Leslie Valdes "Roberto the Robot," "The Fix It Machine"
Alarm Leslie Valdes "Job Day"
Announcer Adam Sietz "Baseball Boots"
Ant Chris Gifford "The Big Storm"
Autobus Leslie Valdes "The Missing Piece"
Baby Dino Sam Stone "Baby Dino"
Baby Jaguar Thomas Sharkey "Rescue, Rescue, Rescue," "Baseball Boots," "Job Day," "Dora's Pirate Adventure"
Backpack Alexandria Suarez (2008 - )
  Sasha Toro (2000-2007)
Baseball Star Jose Zelaya "Baseball Boots"
Bear Leslie Valdes "The Chocolate Tree," "Hide and Go Seek," "Baseball Boots"
Benny the Bull Jake Burbage
  Marlies Somers (Dutch)
Big Red Chicken Chris Gifford "The Missing Piece," "Best Friends"
Big Red Drum Leslie Valdes "Boots's Special Day"
Bird Marc Weiner "El Dia de las Madres"
Boat Adam Sietz "Save the Puppies"
Boots Harrison Chad
  Dieter Jansen (Dutch)
Boots' Daddy Adam Sietz
Brave Piggy Sam Stone "What Happens Next?"
Butterfly Muhammad Cunningham "The Missing Piece"
  Marc Weiner "Doctor Dora"
  Elaine del Valle "Lost Squeaky"
Cannon Thomas Sharkey "Dora's Pirate Adventure"
Chocolate Tree Oscar Colón "Best Friends"
  Muhammad Cunningham "The Chocolate Tree"
Cocodrilo Juan Aceves "Doctor Dora"
Comet Sam Stone "Little Star"
Crane Elaine del Valle "Stuck Truck"
Daddy Bear Gerardo Rodriguez "What Happens Next?"
Daddy Monster Erik Weiner "Boo!"
Daddy Penguin Gerardo Rodriguez "To the South Pole"
Diego Felipe Dieppa (2003-2004)
Disco Star Jose Zelaya "The Fix It Machine"
Dog Catcher Brian Maya "Save the Puppies"
Dora Lucile Boulanger (French)
  Kathleen Herles (2000-2008)
  Caitlin Sanchez (2008 - 2010)
Echo Bush Leslie Valdes "El Coqui"
El Encantador Ricardo Montalbán "The Missing Piece"
Explorer Stars Katie Gifford
  Omar Pastran
  Stephen Scarpulla
Flower Ashley Fleming "A Letter for Swiper"
Flying Monkey John Leguizamo "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure"
Giant Brian Maya "What Happens Next?"
Grumpy Old Troll Chris Gifford
Horse Brian Maya "Dora Saves the Game"
  Marc Weiner "The Super Silly Fiesta"
Isa the Iguana Ashley Fleming
Jack Thomas Sharkey "What Happens Next?"
King Crab Leslie Valdes "Fish Out of Water"
King Popo Juan Aceves "Te Amo"
King's Mommy Marc Weiner "What Happens Next?"
Knock Knock Door Chris Gifford "Call Me Mr. Riddles"
La Bruja Rosie Perez "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure"
La Lechuza Karen June Sanchez "Te Amo," "Pablo's Flute"
Leon the Circus Lion Paul Rodriguez "Leon the Circus Lion"
Little Red Fish Zachary Tyler Eisen "Fish Out of Water"
Lock Thomas Sharkey "Best Friends"
Maestra Beatriz Olga Merediz "School Pet"
Mailbird Karen June Sanchez "A Letter for Swiper"
Mami Eileen Galindo
Mami Bear Margaret Reed "What Happens Next?"
Mami Bugga Bugga Karen June Sanchez "Bugga Bugga," "To the Treehouse"
Map Marc Weiner
Mommy Compsognathus Elaine del Valle "Baby Dino"
Mommy Dino Karen June Sanchez "Baby Dino"
Mommy Monster Kate Miller "Boo!"
Moon Leslie Valdes "Little Star"
Mountain Goat Marc Weiner "Click"
Mouse Chris Gifford "The Fix It Machine"
Oinky Muhammad Cunningham "Louder"
Papi Esai Morales (2002-2003)
  Jorge Pupo "Backpack"
Pirate Parrot Marc Weiner
Pirate Pig Captain John Leguizamo "Dora's Pirate Adventure!"
Pirate Piggy Katie Gifford "Dora's Pirate Adventure"
Prince Omar Pastran "Dora Saves the Prince"
Queen Maria Karen June Sanchez "Te Amo"
Referee Brian Maya "Dora Saves the Game"
Ringmaster Leslie Valdes "Leon the Circus Lion"
Roberto the Robot Nicolas Salgado "Roberto the Robot"
Robot Bird Katie Gifford "Roberto the Robot"
Rocket Star Sasha Toro "Best Friends"
Rojo the Firetruck Muhammad Cunningham "Rojo, the Firetruck"
Santa Claus Howie Dorough "A Present for Santa"
Screen Chris Gifford "Save the Puppies"
Sea Turtle Thomas Sharkey "Baseball Boots"
Seagull Juan Sosa "Fish Out of Water"
Señor Burro Leslie Valdes "Te Amo"
Señor Shhh Leslie Valdes "Dora la Musico"
Señor Tucan Leslie Valdes
Silly Mail Bird John Leguizamo "The Super Silly Fiesta"
Singing Bridge Howie Dorough "Dora's Pirate Adventure"
Singing Gate Elaine del Valle "Dora la Musica"
Sloth Karen June Sanchez "Click," "Egg Hunt," "Hide and Go Seek"
Snake Marc Weiner "Super Map!"
Swiper Gate Karen June Sanchez "A Letter for Swiper"
Swiper the Fox Marc Weiner
The Fiesta Trio Marc Weiner (2002-)
Tico the Squirrel Muhammad Cunningham (2000-2001)
  Jose Zelaya (2002 - )
Tico's Mami Karen June Sanchez "Job Day"
Tree Elaine del Valle "Lost Squeaky"
Tree Frog Omar Pastran "The Magic Stick"
Umbrella Karen June Sanchez "A Letter for Swiper"
Val the Octopus Elaine del Valle
Wishing Wizzle Hector Elizondo "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure"
Witch Karen June Sanchez "Dora Saves the Prince"
Wizzle Katie Gifford "Wizzle Wishes"
Woman Ashley Fleming "Dora Saves the Game"
(additional voices) Ashley Rose Orr (2002)
(animal sound effects) Dee Bradley Baker "Baby Dino," "To the South Pole," "Dora Saves the Game," "Boots's Cuddly Dinosaur"

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