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Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 15 September 1990 - 05 December 1992
Voice Director: Gordon Hunt
Official Website: http://www.turner.com/planet/

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Argos Bleak S. Scott Bullock
Asci Scott Menville "Hog Tide"
Beto Josh Keaton ?
Betty Blight Mary Kay Bergman "Hog Tide"
Captain Planet Mario Castaņeda (Spanish (Latin American))
  David Coburn
Commander Clash Louis Gossett Jr. "Mission to Save Earth," "The Summit to Save Earth"
Don Porkaloin Edward Asner "Hog Tide"
Dr. Apollo Danny Glover "Isle of Solar Energy"
Dr. Babs Blight Mary Kay Bergman (Season 2-3)
  Meg Ryan (Season 1)
Dr. Jane Goodair Phyllis Diller "Smog Hog"
Dr. Rice Lou Rawls "Guinea Pigs"
Duke Nukem Maurice LaMarche (Season 3)
  Dean Stockwell (Season 1-2)
Gaia Whoopi Goldberg
Gi Janice Kawaye
Hoggish Greedly Edward Asner
  Jacek Czyż (Polish)
Hoggish Greedly Jr. Charlie Schlatter "Smog Hog"
Josh Dennis Weaver "Off-Road Hogs"
Karen Cree Summer "Isle of Solar Energy"
Kwame LeVar Burton
Laurie Saunders Vanna White "Guinea Pigs"
Lead Suit Frank Welker
Li Janice Kawaye "Hog Tide"
Liko Joey Dedio "Hog Tide"
Linka Kath Soucie
Lisa Danica McKellar "A Formula for Hate"
Looten Plunder James Coburn
Lydia Kath Soucie "Hog Tide"
MAL Tim Curry (late season 1 onward)
  David Rappaport (Season 1)
Ma-Ti Scott Menville
Moisha Lowkowitz Kenneth Mars "If It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast"
Mrs. Andrews Elizabeth Taylor "A Formula for Hate"
Old Indian Man Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman "Tree of Life"
Ooze Cam Clarke
Piebald Charlie Adler "Population Bomb"
Rex Rigger I John Ratzenberger "Hog Tide"
Rigger John Ratzenberger
Russian Ambassador Phil Hartman "Mind Pollution"
Sky Runner Robby Romero "Stardust," "Bitter Waters"
Sly Sludge Martin Sheen
Suchi Frank Welker
Todd Andrews Neil Patrick Harris "A Formula for Hate"
Verminous Skumm Jeff Goldblum (Season 1)
  Maurice LaMarche (Season 2 -3)
Wally LeVar Burton "Hog Tide"
Wheeler Joey Dedio
Zarm Sting (Season 1-2)
  David Warner (Season 3)
Zoning Commissioner Ed Begley Jr. "Hog Tide"
(additional voices) Franklyn Ajaye
  Lewis Arquette
  Christopher Daniel Barnes
  Jeff Bennett
  Susan Blu
  Townsend Coleman
  Linda Dangcil
  Richard Doyle
  Judyann Elder
  Hector Elizondo
  Dave Fennoy
  Ronald Gans
  Brian George
  Angel Harper
  Robert Ito
  Nick Jameson
  Clyde Kusatsu
  Ricki Lake
  Luisa Leschin
  David Lodge
  Danny Mann
  Mona Marshall
  Zahn McClarnon
  Sidney Miller
  Candi Milo
  Brian Stokes Mitchell
  Minae Noji
  Nicholas Omana
  Alan Oppenheimer
  Robbie Rist
  Stanley Ralph Ross
  Fred Savage
  Alan Shearman
  Susan Silo
  Stevie Vallance
  R.J. Williams
  April Winchell
  Anderson Wong
(various regular villains) Maurice Risch (French)

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