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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Genre: Radio Series
Release Dates: 11 February 1949 - 30 September 1962

Background: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is generally recognized as the last dramatic radio show of the "golden age," ending in the TV era.

Though several actors played freelance insurance detective Johnny Dollar, the best known was Bob Bailey, who from 1955 through 1956 starred in a fifteen minute serial version, with stories divided into five or more daily parts, and remained in the role until production moved from Hollywood to New York in 1960.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abdul Lawrence Dobkin "The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter"
Ad Bowles Vic Perrin "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter"
Albert Jack Kruschen "The Macormack Matter" pts. 4-5
Alex Bundy Shepard Menken "The Midas Touch Matter" pts. 4-5
Ally Parsons Bernard Grant "The Simple Simon Matter"
Alvin Peabody Cartwright Howard McNear "The Telltale Tracks Matter," "The Life at Stake Matter," "The Deadly Chain Matter," "The Merry-Go-Round Matter," "The Alvin's Alfred Matter," "The Too Much Money Matter," "The Magnanimous Matter," "The Five Down Matter"
Alvin Summers Parley Baer "The Alvin Summers Matter"
Amy Bradshaw Virginia Gregg "The Amy Bradshaw Matter"
Andrew Cord Stacy Harris "The Bennett Matter"
Andrew Forman Robert C. Bruce "The Blinker Matter"
Anne Ward Valentine Lillian Buyeff "The Valentine Matter"
Announcer Hugh Douglas "The Too Much Money Matter"
  Stuart Metz (1961-1962)
  Roy Rowan (1949-1958)
Arlene Kennedy Mary Jane Croft "The Lansing Fraud Matter"
Arnold Bennet Will Wright "The Bennet Matter" pt. 1
Arnold Carr Vic Perrin "The Burning Carr Matter"
Atkins Don Diamond "The Amy Bradshaw Matter" pt. 1
Barnwell Alan Reed "The Frisco Fire Matter"
Bartender Tom Holland "The Limping Liability Matter"
  Peter Leeds "The Caylin Matter" pt. 3
  Shepard Menken "The Johnson Payroll Matter"
  Herb Vigran "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter" pt. 4, "The Callicles Matter" pt. 5
Beasts Bill James "The Fairweather Friend Matter"
Ben Abbott Will Wright "The Duke Red Matter"
Ben Perrin Les Tremayne "The Mary Grace Matter"
Benito the Bellboy Don Diamond "The Alvin Summers Matter" pts. 1-2
Bennie Stark Jack Kruschen "The Nick Shurn Matter"
Bert Parker Paul Frees "The Jolly Roger Fraud" pt. 1
Betsy Sandra Gould "The Forbes Matter" pts. 4-5
Betty Lewis Virginia Gregg (1959-1960)
Bill Peters George Petrie "The Wayward Fireman Matter"
Bill Tilson Robert Dryden "The Short Term Matter"
Bob Steele Frank Gerstle "The Broderick Matter"
Bottles Burton Bernard Grant "The Wayward Fireman Matter"
Bottomley Edgar Barrier "The Two Faced Matter"
Brady Bernard Grant "The Low Tide Matter"
Bridge Player Virginia Gregg "The Markham Matter"
Burton Creely Stacy Harris "The Lonely Hearts Matter"
Buster Faver Barney Phillips (1956-1960)
Byron Kay Byron Kane "The Meg's Palace Matter"
Cab Driver Vic Perrin "The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter"
Cabbie Herb Vigran "The Peerless Fire Matter"
Capt. Fred Dee Kenny Delmar "The Stanley Price Matter"
Captain Edgar Brawley Barney Phillips "The Molly K Matter"
Captain Eustace Howard John Griggs "The Captain's Table Matter"
Captain Garcia Harry Bartell "The Confidential Matter"
Car Dealer Larry Robinson "The Big Date Matter"
Carmen Kringle (mule) Bill James "The Carmen Kringle Matter"
Carol Sharpe Virginia Gregg "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 2-5
Charles Barrett Gerald Mohr "The Lorko Diamonds Matter" pt. 4
Charles Walker Frank Nelson "The Mary Grace Matter"
Charlie Cubberly Sam Edwards "The Heatherstone Players Matter"
Charlie Starkey Luis Van Rooten "The It Takes a Crook Matter"
Chauffeur Roy Glenn "The Burning Carr Matter"
Chicago Librarian Joseph Kearns "The LaMarr Matter" pts. 4-5
Chief Frank Nelson "The Kirby Will Matter"
Chief Appleby Jim Boles "The Captain's Table Matter"
Clarabelle Eleanor Audley "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 3
Clerk Forrest Lewis "The Five Down Matter"
Coleman Don Diamond "The Amy Bradshaw Matter" pt. 1
Conrad Webster Jay Novello "The Valentine Matter"
Constable Trabert Eric Snowden "The Hannibal Murphy Matter"
Cop Byron Kane "The Ingenuous Jeweler Matter"
Countess Maria D'Atolia Lillian Buyeff "The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter"
Court Clerk Hans Conried "The Bennet Matter" pts 4-5
Croupier Lawrence Dobkin "The Lake Mead Mystery Matter"
Cully Parley Baer "The Duke Red Matter"
Cyril Peter St. George Heatherstone Hans Conried "The Heatherstone Players Matter"
Dame Eleanor Audley "The Malibu Mystery Matter"
Dave Borger Vic Perrin "The Molly K Matter" pt. 1
Deputy Sheriff Dan Martin Sam Edwards "The Nick Shurn Matter"
Digger Herb Vigran "The Confederate Coinage Matter"
Doctor Ken Christy "The Laird Douglas Douglas of Heatherscote Matter" pt. 4
  Byron Kane "The Mary Grace Matter"
Dog Bill James "The Wayward Killer Matter"
Don Pringle Robert Dryden "The Wrong Sign Matter"
  Mandel Kramer "The Ring of Death Matter"
Don Ringo Frank Gerstle "The Heatherstone Players Matter"
Doorman Frank Gerstle "The Only One Butt Matter"
Doug Johnstone Stacy Harris "The Unholy Two Matter," "The Unworthy Kin Matter"
Dr. Bigby Parley Baer "The Cronin Matter" pt. 5
  Benny Rubin "The Cronin Matter" pt. 3
Dr. Crutcher John Griggs "The Two Steps for Murder Matter"
Dr. Foote Russell Thorson "The Clever Chemist Matter"
Dr. Mahood Russell Thorson "The Lansing Fraud Matter" pts. 1-2
Dr. Walter Merrill Howard McNear "The Clever Chemist Matter"
Durango Laramie Dalhert John McIntire "The Funny Money Matter," "The Durango Laramie Matter," "The Cautious Celibate Matter"
E. K. Carson Marvin Miller "The Alvin Summers Matter"
Earle Poreman Parley Baer "The Burning Carr Matter"
  Martin Blaine "The Wrong One Matter"
  Ken Christy "The Lucky 4 Matter"
  Joseph Kearns "The Three Sisters Matter"
  Vic Perrin (1958-1960)
Ed Carr Vic Perrin "The Burning Carr Matter"
Ed Porter Frank Nelson "The Markham Matter"
Eddie Tommy Cook "The Silver Blue Matter"
Edmund Thompson Ken Christy "The Macormack Matter" pt. 4
Edward Gumby Parley Baer "The Forbes Matter" pts. 2-3
Elevator Boy Byron Kane "The Laird Douglas Douglas of Heatherscote Matter" pt. 1
Elevator Man Byron Kane "The Ingenuous Jeweler Matter"
Elizabeth Reardon Jeanne Bates "The Chesapeake Fraud Matter"
Ellen Brawley Virginia Gregg "The Molly K Matter"
Emil Victor Leon Janney "Fiddle Faddle Matter"
Emily Sterlingwaite Abby Lewis "The Ivy Emerald Matter"
Eric Snowden Eric Snowden "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter" pts. 4-5
Father Taggart Marvin Miller "The McCormack Matter" pt. 1
Fire Chief Robert Dryden "The Wayward Fireman Matter"
Fire Chief Dale Marley Forrest Lewis "The Peerless Fire Matter"
Fire Chief Hanley Herb Butterfield "The Clinton Matter" pt. 2
Forrester Richard Crenna "The False Alarm Matter"
Forresto Forrest Lewis "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter" pt. 4
Frank Francis Jackson Beck "The Simple Simon Matter"
Frank Ibsen Edgar Barrier "The Clinton Matter" pt. 4
Frank Porter Forrest Lewis "The Macormack Matter"
Fred Les Tremayne "The Only One Butt Matter"
Fred Larkin Sam Gray "The Terrible Torch Matter"
Garret Tudor Owen "The Hatchet House Theft Matter"
Garrett Reynolds Lawrence Dobkin "The Heatherstone Players Matter"
Gas Station Attendant Roger DeKoven "The Rat Pack Matter"
George Everson Forrest Lewis "The Phantom Chase Matter"
George Foley Hans Conried "The Bennet Matter" pts 4-5
George Reed Stan Jones (1956-1960)
Gloria Virginia Gregg "The Macormack Matter" pt. 4
Gloria Harris Virginia Gregg "The Alvin Summers Matter"
Gordon Mitchell Richard Crenna "The Heatherstone Players Matter"
Hal Herschel Bernardi "The Stope of Death Matter"
Hal Leonard Martin Blaine "The It Takes a Crook Matter"
Ham Pratt Jim Boles "The Very Fishy Matter," "The Morning After Matter"
  Robert Dryden "The Low Tide Matter"
  Alan Reed "The Wayward Trout Matter," "The Mohave Red Matter," "The Mohave Red Sequel Matter," "The Red Mystery Matter"
Hank Willoughby John Stephenson "The Peerless Fire Matter"
Hannibal Mortuis Jay Novello "The Tears of Night Matter" (pts. 3, 5)
Hans Zeindorf Vic Perrin "The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter"
Harbormaster Tim O'Rourke Peter Leeds "The Molly K Matter" pt. 1
Harry Branson Harry Bartell (1956-1960)
  Robert Dryden "The Latrodectus Matter"
Harry Walkerson Herb Duncan "The Do It Yourself Matter"
Harvey Waller Jackson Beck "The Hot Chocolate Matter"
Hemingway Junius Matthews "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 3
Hilary Fuchs Vic Perrin "The Tears of Night Matter"
Hillary Franks Howard McNear "The Lansing Fraud Matter"
Hob Fulton Harry Bartell "The Lake Mead Mystery Matter"
Horse Bill James "The Sidewinder Matter"
Hotel Clerk Joseph Kearns "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 1
  Marvin Miller "The Macormack Matter" pts. 1-2
Howard Harding Frank Gerstle "The Clever Chemist Matter"
Howard McNeal Parley Baer "The Peerless Fire Matter"
Hugh Brian John Dehner "The Chesapeake Fraud Matter"
Inspector DeBaca Barney Phillips "The Valentine Matter"
Inspector Honneger Vic Perrin "The Picture Postcard Matter"
Inspector Marques Jay Novello "The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter"
Intern Robert C. Bruce "The Forbes Matter" pt. 4
Iris Mary Jane Croft "The Macormack Matter"
J. Worthington Keasley Will Wright "The Two Faced Matter"
Jack Lang Tony Barrett "The Macormack Matter" pt. 3
Jane Walker Paula Winslowe "The Mary Grace Matter"
Jarvis Pockett Lawrence Dobkin "The Silent Queen Matter" pts. 3-4
Jefe Valazquez Harry Bartell "The Alder Matter"
Jill O'Dare Peggy Webber "The Nick Shurn Matter" pt. 5
Jim Larry Haines "The Big Date Matter"
Jim Carter Hy Averback "The Lansing Fraud Matter"
Jim Feree Robert Dryden "The Very Fishy Matter"
Jimmy Carter Dick Beals "The Two Faced Matter," "The Jimmy Carter Matter"
Joan Virginia Gregg "The Heatherstone Players Matter"
Jodiah Gillis Howard McNear "The Missing Mouse Matter," "The Ming-Toy Murphy Matter," "The Felicity Feline Matter"
Joe McNab Harry Bartell "The Star of Capetown Matter"
  Russell Thorson "The Big Scoop Matter"
John Cosgrove Alan Reed "The Indestructible Mike Matter"
Johnny Dollar Bob Bailey (1955-1960)
  Mandel Kramer (1961-1962)
  Bob Readick (1960-1961)
Jose Dan Ocko "The Ring of Death Matter"
Jose Hernandez Santos Ortega "The Skidmore Matter"
Josiah Hawkins Vic Perrin "The Molly K Matter"
Julian Macormack Herb Butterfield "The Macormack Matter"
Kathy O'Dare Virginia Gregg "The Nick Shurn Matter"
Ken Bugby Frank Nelson "The Lake Mead Mystery Matter"
Kraus Don Diamond "The Alvin Summers Matter"
Laird Douglas Douglas (dog) Bill James "The Laird Douglas Douglas of Heatherscote Matter"
Landlady Virginia Gregg "The McCormack Matter"
Larry Moody Santos Ortega "The Short Term Matter"
Le Chat Gris Forrest Lewis (1958-1960)
Lee Willway Virginia Gregg "The Baldero Matter"
Les Walters Jack Grimes "The It Takes a Crook Matter"
Lieutenant Frank Nelson "The False Alarm Matter"
Lila Caylin Virginia Gregg "The Caylin Matter"
Lola Virginia Gregg "The Phantom Chase Matter"
Lt. Al Sintella Vic Perrin "The Amy Bradshaw Matter"
Lt. Bartley Martin Blaine "The Wayward Gun Matter"
Lt. Cal Hudson Harry Bartell "The Burning Carr Matter"
Lt. Cal Mervin Marvin Miller "The Primrose Matter"
Lt. Ed Rafferty Ben Wright "The Nick Shurn Matter" pt. 1
Lt. Gomez Don Diamond "The Alvin Summers Matter" pts. 3-4
Lt. Langley Martin Blaine "The Philadelphia Miss Matter"
Lt. Restelli Barney Phillips "The Big Scoop Matter"
Lu Tang Virginia Gregg "The Molly K Matter"
Lucius R. Weatherbee Forrest Lewis "The Jimmy Carter Matter"
Luther Herb Duncan "The Hood of Death Matter"
Madame Morgana-Morgana Lurene Tuttle "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 4-5
Mary Conroy Virginia Gregg "Peerless Fire Matter"
Meg McCarthy Virginia Gregg "The Meg's Palace Matter"
Michael Pomeroy Larry Thor "The Amy Bradshaw Matter"
Mike Howard McNear "The Indestructible Mike Matter"
Mike Poreman Virginia Gregg "The Burning Carr Matter," "The What Goes Matter"
  Paula Winslowe "The Clouded Crystal Matter"
Monroe John Stephenson "The Duke Red Matter" pt. 1
Mr. Engle Marvin Miller "The Bennet Matter" pt. 2-3
Mr. Gerson Edgar Stehli "The Paperback Mystery Matter"
Mr. Haven Howard McNear "The Forbes Matter," pt. 2
Mr. Markham John Dehner "The Markham Matter"
Mr. Thurston Herb Vigran "The Two Faced Matter"
Mrs. Balderston Eleanor Audley "The Baldero Matter"
Mrs. Cronin Virginia Gregg "The Cronin Matter"
Mrs. Gaines Eleanor Audley "The Broderick Matter" pt. 3
Mrs. Gottler Virginia Gregg "The Nick Shurn Matter" pt. 2
Mrs. Iacino Betty Lou Gerson "The Valentine Matter" pts. 4-5
Mrs. Pasquale Virginia Gregg "The Fire in Paradise Matter"
Mrs. Peter Malcolm Kelly Van Peyten Jeanette Nolan "The Laird Douglas Douglas of Heatherscote Matter"
Mrs. Webster Athena Lorde "The Wayward Kilocycles Matter"
Nick Shurn Don Diamond "The Nick Shurn Matter" pts. 1, 5
Nightman Junius Matthews "The Macormack Matter" pt. 5
Nurse Shirley Mitchell "The Hope to Die Matter"
Officer Pollock Jack Grimes "The Latrodectus Matter"
Oldtimer Junius Matthews "The Burning Fire Matter"
Ole Jensen Robert C. Bruce "The Meg's Palace Matter" pt. 3
Operator Eleanor Audley "The Baldero Matter"
  Lillian Buyeff "The Golden Touch Matter"
  Shirley Mitchell "The False Alarm Matter"
Oscar Lehman Hans Conried "The Peerless Fire Matter"
Parley Barron Parley Baer "The Hollywood Mystery Matter"
Pat McCracken Harry Bartell "The Sea Legs Matter" pt. 1-3
  Don Diamond "The Sea Legs Matter" pt. 4
  Lawrence Dobkin (1956-1960)
  Forrest Lewis "The Jolly Rogers Fraud" pt. 1
Paul Coombs Will Wright "The Chesapeake Fraud Matter" pt. 1
Paul Kendrick Les Tremayne "The Square Circle Matter"
Pauline Morrison Lillian Buyeff "The Forbes Matter" pt. 1
Pete Borden Lawrence Dobkin "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter"
Peter Comrode Robert North "The Marie Meadows Matter"
Police Captain Mandel Kramer "The Two's a Crowd Matter"
Police Chief Larry Haines "The Informer Matter"
Police Officer Jack Grimes "The Short Term Matter"
Police Sergeant Ralph Bell "The Latrodectus Matter"
  Jack Grimes "The Earned Income Matter"
Policeman Cliff Carpenter "The All Wet Matter"
Pops Barney Phillips "The Phantom Chase Matter"
Presley Welsh Howard McNear "The Caylin Matter"
Professor Theodore Nash Jack Kruschen "The Clever Chemist Matter"
Ralph John Stephenson "The Deep Down Matter"
Randy Singer Larry Haines "Two's a Crowd Matter"
  Vic Perrin "The Mary Grace Matter"
  Herb Vigran (1956-1960)
Ray Gumby Junius Matthews "The Salt City Matter"
Ray Kemper Robert C. Bruce "The Clever Chemist Matter"
Ray Roland Roy Rowan "The Laird Douglas Douglas of Heatherscote Matter" pt. 2
Reporter Forrest Lewis "The Clouded Crystal Matter"
Richard Wightman Robert North "The Soderbury Maine Matter"
Ricky Amerigo Vic Perrin "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter" pt. 5
Salesman Howard McNear "The Cui Bono Matter" pt. 5
Sergeant Roger DeKoven "The Who's Who Matter"
  Robert Dryden "The Big Date Matter"
Sgt. Bravo Mason Adams "The Can't Be So Matter"
Sgt. David Reynosa Harry Bartell "The Caylin Matter"
Sgt. Larkin Robert C. Bruce "The Burning Car Matter"
Sgt. Younger Barney Phillips "The Lansing Fraud Matter" pt. 1
Sheriff Tompkins Les Tremayne "The Big Scoop Matter"
Shorty Weber Benny Rubin "The Cronin Matter"
Sick Chicks Bill James "The Sick Chick Matter"
Sidewinder Wilson Junius Matthews "The Durango Laramie Matter," "The Fairweather Friend Matter"
Simple Simon Mason Adams "The Simple Simon Matter"
Sister Maria Regina Eleanor Audley "The Broderick Matter" pt. 1
Smithwyck Lou Merrill "The Boron 112 Matter"
Smokey Sullivan Larry Haines "The Terrible Torch Matter"
  Vic Perrin (1957-1960)
  Nat Polen "The Wayward Fireman Matter"
Stage Doorman Junius Matthews "The Forbes Matter" pt. 4
Station Agent Dallas McKennon "The Cui Bono Matter" pt. 3
Steve Looker Roger DeKoven "The Shifty Looker Matter"
Streetcorner Santa Barney Phillips "The Nick Shurn Matter" pt. 1
Swami Don Diamond "The Clouded Crystal Matter"
Sylvia Shirley Mitchell "The Cronin Matter"
Ted Jarvis Mandel Kramer "The Very Fishy Matter"
Teri Harding Virginia Gregg "The Clever Chemist Matter"
The Kid Jack Grimes "The Rat Pack Matter"
Thomas Morgan Sam Gray "The Lone Wolf Matter"
Tim Harrington Herb Duncan "The Wrong Idea Matter"
Timothy Hanley Robert Dryden "The Morning After Matter"
Tommy Green Harry Bartell "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 1-2
Tony Tony Barrett "The Burning Carr Matter"
Tony Ricardo Tony Barrett "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 3-5
Turnkey John Stephenson "The Forbes Matter" pt. 2
Twilah James Paula Winslowe "The Silent Queen Matter"
Undertaker Parley Baer "The Hair Raising Matter"
Val Peggy Webber "The Clouded Crystal Matter"
Vic Carson Vic Perrin "The Silent Queen Matter"
Vincent Price Vincent Price "The Price of Fame Matter"
Walter Pinkley Edgar Stehli "The Captain's Table Matter"
Wayne Arnold Vic Perrin "The Blinker Matter"
Wayne Stockseth Mandel Kramer "The Stock-In-Trade Matter"
Whitsett Ben Wright "The Phantom Chase Matter" pts. 6-10
Widow Cummings Peggy Webber "The Peerless Fire Matter"
Wilbert Blossom Howard McNear "The Blooming Blossom Matter"
Wilfred Rhymer Ben Wright "The Rhymer Collection Matter"
William Dameron John Dehner "The Broderick Matter"
Willie Jack Grimes "The Only One Butt Matter"
Woodstone Forrest Lewis "The Two Faced Matter"
(guest voice) Reni Santoni "The Deadly Crystal Matter"

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