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Genre: Commercial
Release Date: 1971
Official Website: http://www.mcdonalds.com/

Trivia: Howard Morris directed many of the "McDonaldland" character spots beginning in the 1970s, in addition to voicing multiple roles.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Announcer Sally Clawson ("Sweet Tea" TV/radio spot, 2010)
Birdie the Early Bird Russi Taylor
Brad Lucien Dodge ("The Intervention" radio spot)
Captain Tim Blaney (1984-1985)
Captain Crook Larry Storch (ca. 1971-1980s)
CosMc Frank Welker (1990s)
Grimace Lennie Weinrib (ca. 1971-1986)
  Frank Welker (1986-2003)
Hamburglar Charlie Adler (ca. 1980s)
  Howard Morris (1986-2003)
  Larry Storch (ca. 1971-1986)
  CW Wolfe (ca. 1990s)
Happy Meal Fries Bob Bergen (1988-1989)
  Tress MacNeille (1989-1992)
  Jeff Winkless (1985-1987)
Happy Meal Hamburger Bob Arbogast (1985-1987)
  Jim Cummings (1988-1992)
Happy Meal Soft Drink Bill Farmer (1988-1992)
  Hal Smith (1985-1987)
Iam Hungry Jeff Lupetin (1998-2000)
Mayor McCheese Howard Morris (1970s-1980s)
McNugget Buddies Greg Berg (1990s)
  Pat Fraley (1990s)
  Katie Leigh (1990s)
  Don Messick (1990s)
  Pat Musick (1990s)
  Hal Rayle (1990s)
  Frank Welker (1990s)
Narrator John Fiedler (ca. 1986)
  Len Maxwell (1970s)
Officer Big Mac Ted Cassidy
Ryan Lucien Dodge ("The Lineup" radio spot)
Spider-Man / Peter Parker Christopher Daniel Barnes ("Marvel Superheroes" commercial)
The Professor John Stephenson (1970s)
  Andre Stojka (1980s)
Uncle O'Grimacey Lennie Weinrib
(singer) Kasey Cisyk ("You Deserve a Break Today" jingle)
(voice) Mara Junot

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