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Flintstones, The
Flintstones, The

Genre: Animated TV Series
Release Dates: 30 September 1960 - 25 March 1966

Created as television's first prime-time animated series by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the duo behind Tom and Jerry, it is loosely based on the Jackie Gleason classic series The Honeymooners.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
1st Buffalo Allan Melvin "Peek-a-Boo Camera"
88 Fingers Daws Butler "The Hot Piano"
Agent Herschel Bernardi "Dino Goes Hollyrock"
Ann-Margrock Ann-Margret "Ann-Margrock Live at the Bedrock Bowl"
Announcer Hal Smith "The Drive-In"
  Hal Smith "In the Dough"
  John Stephenson ?
Announcer for "The Happy Housewife Show" Paul Frees "The Happy Household"
Arnold the Paper Boy Don Messick (1961-1965)
Attendant Hal Smith "Droop Along Flintstone"
Baffles Gravel Daws Butler "Kleptomaniac Pebbles"
Bamm-Bamm Rubble Don Messick (1963-1966)
Bank Customer June Foray "Foxy Grandma"
Barney Rubble Mel Blanc (episodes 1-28, 34 onward)
  Daws Butler (episodes 29-33)
  Gerd Duwner (German)
  Michael Habeck (German)
Barney's Boss Paul Frees "The Babysitters"
Bartender Allan Melvin "Superstone"
Bat Mel Blanc "Monster Fred"
Betty Rubble Bea Benaderet (1960-1964)
  Gerry Johnson (1964-1966)
Bilko Sarge Jerry Mann "The Astra' Nuts"
Bird Allan Melvin "Glue for Two"
Bony Hurdle Allan Melvin "Bedrock Rodeo Round-Up"
Boss Jerry Mann "The Girls Night Out"
Boulder Allan Melvin "The Rolls Rock Caper"
Bronk Hal Smith "Droop Along Flintstone"
Bruce Sandra Gould "The Missing Bus"
Bugsy Allan Melvin "Superstone"
Butch Jerry Mann "The Snorkasaurus Hunter"
Butcher Hal Smith "The Drive-In"
Cashier Jerry Mann "The Hypnotist"
Cat Allan Melvin "Glue for Two"
Charlie Hal Smith "Fred Flinstone- Before and After"
  John Stephenson "The Astra' Nuts"
Chet Hal Smith "Droop Along Flintstone"
Clerk Daws Butler "Kleptomaniac Pebbles"
Clyde Jerry Hausner "Dino Disappears"
Colonel Hal Smith "At the Races"
Cop Daws Butler "The Swimming Pool"
  Harvey Korman "The Great Gazoo"
  Jerry Mann "The Snorkasaurus Hunter"
  Allan Melvin "Glue for Two"
  Hal Smith "Fred Flinstone- Before and After"
Cousin Tumbleweed Hal Smith "Droop Along Flintstone"
Creepella Gruesome Naomi Lewis "The Gruesomes"
Customer (Mr. Slate) Bill Thompson "The Engagement Ring"
Dagmar the Peroxide Kid Sandra Gould "The Soft Touchables"
Daisy Sandra Gould "The Little White Lie"
Daisy the Carhop Ginny Tyler "The Drive-In"
Dino Mel Blanc
  Wolfgang Ziffer (German)
Dinosaur #2 June Foray "Bedrock Hillbillies"
Dinosaur Yawn Hal Smith "At the Races"
Director Jerry Mann "The Monster from the Tar Pits"
  Jerry Mann "Hollyrock, Here I Come"
Doc Howard Morris "Monster Fred"
Doctor Howard McNear "The Split Personality," "The Hypnotist," "Invisible Barney"
  Allan Melvin "Glue for Two"
Don Harvey Korman "The Great Gazoo"
Doorman Allan Melvin "Peek-a-Boo Camera"
Dr. Zero Doug Young "Monster Fred"
Dracuslab Doug Young "Monster Fred"
Dressmaker Bea Benaderet "Hot Lips Hannigan"
Ed Jerry Mann "The Snorkasaurus Hunter"
Elephant Daws Butler "Kleptomaniac Pebbles"
  Allan Melvin "Old Lady Betty"
Emmy Paula Winslowe "Social Climbers"
Eppy Brianstone Bernard Fox "No Biz Like Show-Biz"
Fight Announcer Daws Butler "The Babysitters"
Fireman Daws Butler "The Babysitters"
Fred Flintstone Jorge Arvizu (Spanish (Latin American))
  Alan Reed
General John Stephenson "The Astra' Nuts"
Girls Bea Benaderet "Hot Lips Hannigan"
Grand Poobah John Stephenson "The Beauty Contest," "The Buffalo Convention," "The Masquerade Party"
  Doug Young ?
Grande Dame Paula Winslowe "Social Climbers"
Grandma Dynamite June Foray "Foxy Grandma"
Granny Hatrock June Foray "Bedrock Hillbillies"
Greta Gravel Paula Winslowe "The Entertainer"
Gummo Hal Smith "Circus Business"
Gus Henry Corden "The Rolls Rock Caper"
Gus "Smoothy" Gravel Willard Waterman "The Long, Long Weekend"
Guy Mel Blanc "Bowling Ballet"
Guy #2 Hal Smith "Fred Flinstone- Before and After"
Guys Mel Blanc "Monster Fred"
  Jerry Mann "The Astra' Nuts"
  John Stephenson "The Astra' Nuts"
  Doug Young "Monster Fred"
Hen Daws Butler "Kleptomaniac Pebbles"
Hoppy the Hopperoo Don Messick (1963-1966)
Hoss Cartrock Allan Melvin "Sheriff for a Day"
Hot Lips Hannigan Jerry Mann "Hot Lips Hannigan"
Hotel Clerk Frank Nelson "Fred Flintstone Woos Again"
Hugo Lucille Bliss "The Good Scout"
Ingomar Henry Corden "The Rolls Rock Caper"
J. Montague "Monty" Gypsum Walker Edmiston "This Is Your Lifesaver"
Jane Allan Melvin "Glue for Two"
Jeweler Frank Nelson "The Engagement Ring"
Joe Rockhead Daws Butler "The Babysitters"
  John Stephenson (1961-1964)
Kid Sandra Gould "The Missing Bus"
  Hal Smith "Circus Business"
Knuckles Daws Butler "The Soft Touchables"
Lawn Mower Hal Smith "Circus Business"
Lawrence Welkstone Daws Butler "The Hit Song Writers"
Len Frankenstone Allan Melvin "Monster Fred"
Mailman Allan Melvin "Circus Business"
Manager Hal Smith "Droop Along Flintstone"
MaƮtre D' Henry Corden "The Rolls Rock Caper"
  Harvey Korman "The Great Gazoo"
Men Mel Blanc "Hot Lips Hannigan"
  Jerry Mann "Hot Lips Hannigan"
Mesmo Jerry Mann "The Hypnotist"
Miss Shadrock Paula Winslowe "Social Climbers"
Monkey June Foray "Bedrock Hillbillies"
Monkey #2 Daws Butler "Rooms for Rent"
Mr. Bedrock Paul Frees "The Happy Household"
Mr. Boulder Frank Nelson "No Help Wanted"
Mr. Goldbrick Daws Butler "Daddy's Little Beauty"
Mr. Macyrock Mel Blanc "Christmas Flintstone"
Mr. Rockenschpeel Paul Frees "The Happy Household"
Mr. Slate Allan Melvin "Sheriff for a Day"
  John Stephenson
Mrs. Gypsum Sandra Gould "The Missing Bus"
Mrs. Slaghoople Verna Felton "Trouble-In-Law," "The Little Stranger," "Foxy Grandma," "Mother-In-Law's Visit"
  Janet Waldo "Fred El Terrifico," "Bachelor Daze," "The House That Fred Built"
Mrs. Slate Jean Vander Pyl
  Paula Winslowe "Latin Lover"
Music Store Clerk Frank Nelson "The Hot Piano"
Norman Rockbind Frank Nelson "A Star is Almost Born"
Nurse June Foray "The Blessed Event"
Nurse #3 Paula Winslowe "Operation Barney"
Old Woman June Foray "Bedrock Hillbillies"
Owner Allan Melvin "Peek-a-Boo Camera"
Parrot Mel Blanc "Bowling Ballet"
Patron Hal Smith "The Drive-In"
Peaches June Foray "Foxy Grandma"
Pebbles Flintstone Jean Vander Pyl (1963-1966)
Pet Owner Jerry Hausner "Dino Disappears"
Pig Allan Melvin "The Rolls Rock Caper"
Police Sergeant Daws Butler "The Hot Piano", "The Soft Touchables", "The Babysitters"
  Allan Melvin "Old Lady Betty," "Superstone"
Prospector Allan Melvin "Circus Business"
Pterodactyl Doug Young "Monster Fred"
Quartz Allan Melvin "Glue for Two," "Peek-a-Boo Camera"
Roberto Rocketing Jerry Mann "Latin Lover"
Rocky Hal Smith "Circus Business"
Rocky Stone Frank Nelson "No Help Wanted"
Rover Hal Smith "Circus Business"
Saleslady Paula Winslowe "Latin Lover"
Samantha Elizabeth Montgomery "Samantha"
Santa Claus Hal Smith "Christmas Flintstone"
Scout Lucille Bliss "The Good Scout"
Secretary June Foray "Bedrock Hillbillies"
Seller Hal Smith "At the Races"
Sheriff Craig Allan Melvin "Sheriff for a Day"
Silky Herschel Bernardi "The Vanishing Money"
Sleuth Allan Melvin "Peek-a-Boo Camera"
Snorkasaurus (Dino) Jerry Mann "The Snorkasaurus Hunter"
Sporting Goods Clerk Frank Nelson "Wilma's Vanishing Money"
Sportscaster Allan Melvin "Peek-a-Boo Camera"
Stony Allan Melvin "Old Lady Betty"
Stony Curtis Tony Curtis "The Return of Stony Curtis"
Student Boarder #1 Daws Butler "Rooms for Rent"
Superstone Allan Melvin "Superstone"
Tasty Pastry Sponsor Hal Smith "In the Dough"
The Great Gazoo Harvey Korman
Thin Man Allan Melvin "Circus Business"
Thug #1 Allan Melvin "The Rolls Rock Caper"
Tom Allan Melvin "Circus Business"
Track Announcer Hal Smith "At the Races"
Turtle Jerry Hausner "Dino Disappears"
Two-Headed Man (Left Head) Hal Smith "Circus Business"
Two-Headed Man (Right Head) Allan Melvin "Circus Business"
Uncle J. Giggles Flintstone Hal Smith "A Haunted House Is Not a Home"
Uncle Tex Hal Smith "Baby Barney," "Deep in the Heart of Texarock"
Usher Jerry Mann "The Hypnotist"
Villain Herschel Bernardi "Dino Goes Hollyrock"
Weirdly Gruesome Howard Morris "The Gruesomes," "The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes"
Wilma Flintstone Jean Vander Pyl
Woman's Voice Paula Winslowe "Latin Lover"
Yogi Bear Daws Butler "Swedish Visitors"

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