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Rescuers Down Under, The
Rescuers Down Under, The

Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 16 November 1990

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Airplane Captain Peter Greenwood
Baitmouse Billy Barty
Bernard Luis Bayardo (Spanish (Latin American))
  Bob Newhart
  Wolfgang Ziffer (German)
Bianca Eva Gabor
  Diana Santos (Spanish (Latin American))
Chairmouse Bernard Fox
  Esteban Siller (Spanish (Latin American))
Cody Adam Ryen
Doctor Carl Billquist (Swedish)
  Bernard Fox
Faloo Carla Meyer
Francois Francisco Colmenero (Spanish (Latin American))
  Ed Gilbert
Frank Raśl Aldana (Spanish (Latin American))
  Wayne Robson
  Santiago Ziesmer (German)
French Mouse Philip Proctor
International Mice Mickie McGowan
Jake Tristan Rogers
Joanna Frank Welker
Krebbs Douglas Seale
McLeach Helmut Krauss (German)
  Luis Puente (Spanish (Latin American))
  George C. Scott
Mother Carla Meyer
Nurse Mouse Russi Taylor
Radio Announcer Francisco Colmenero (Spanish (Latin American))
  Peter Greenwood
Red Peter Firth
  Esteban Siller (Spanish (Latin American))
Wilbur John Candy
  Jacek Czyż (Polish)
  Joachim Kemmer (German)
(additional special vocal effects) Frank Welker
(additional voices) Charlie Adler
  Jack Angel
  Vanna Bonta
  Patrick Pinney

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