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Fantastic Planet
Fantastic Planet

Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 01 December 1973

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Great Tree Chief Marvin Miller
Hollow Log Chief Janet Waldo
Master Kon Marvin Miller
Master Sihn Hal Smith
  Jean Topart (French)
Master Taj Gerard Hernandez (French)
  Klaus Miedel (German)
  Olan Soule
Old Om Hal Smith
Om Yves Barsacq (French)
Om Sorceror Hal Smith
  Wolfgang Völz (German)
Terr Barry Bostwick (adult/narrator)
  William Coryn (French) (adolescent)
  Mark Gruner (child)
  Claus Jurichs (German) (adult/narrator)
  Jean Valmont (French) (adult/narrator)
Tiwa Cynthia Adler
  Jennifer Drake (French)
Traag Denis Boileau (French)
Traag Child Mark Lesser (French)
  Janet Waldo
(additional voices) Claude Joseph (French)

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