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Initial D
Initial D

Genre: Anime Series
Release Dates: 18 April 1998 - 28 November 1998
Voice Director: Joel McDonald

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bunta Fujiwara Unshou Ishizuka (Japanese)
  Kerrigan Mahan (Tokyopop Dub)
  Kent Williams (FUNimation Dub)
Hiroshi Fumihiro Chris Cason (FUNimation Dub)
Itsuki Takeuchi Josh Grelle (FUNimation Dub)
  Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese)
  Robbie Rist (Tokyopop Dub)
Katsumi Akiyama Ryoka Yuzuki (Japanese)
Keisuke Takahashi Steve Blum (Tokyopop Dub)
  François Creton (French)
  Todd Haberkorn (FUNimation Dub)
  Tomokazu Seki (Japanese)
Kenji Christopher Bevins (FUNimation Dub)
  Jason Spisak (Tokyopop Dub)
  Wataru Takagi (Japanese)
Kenta Nakamura Greg Ayres (FUNimation Dub)
  Kousuke Okano (Japanese)
  David Rasner (Tokyopop Dub)
Kouichiro Iketani Crispin Freeman (Tokyopop Dub)
  Eric Vale (FUNimation Dub)
  Kazuki Yao (Japanese)
Mako Sato Colleen Clinkenbeard (FUNimation Dub)
  Bridget Hoffman (Tokyopop Dub)
  Michiko Neya (Japanese)
Miki Christopher Ayres (FUNimation Dub)
Narrator Barry Yandell (FUNimation Dub)
Natsuki Mogi Kat Cressida (Tokyopop Dub)
  Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese)
  Brina Palencia (FUNimation Dub)
Papa Tohru Furusawa (Japanese)
  Cyrille Monge (French)
Ryôsuke Takahashi Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)
  Lex Lang (Tokyopop Dub)
  Frédéric Popovic (French)
  J. Michael Tatum (FUNimation Dub)
Saori Jamie Marchi (FUNimation dub)
Sayuki Kate Higgins (Tokyopop Dub)
  Monica Rial (FUNimation Dub)
Seiji Iwaki Jason Douglas (FUNimation Dub)
  Grant George (Tokyopop Dub)
Shingo Shoji Quinton Flynn (Tokyopop Dub)
  Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)
  Vic Mignogna (FUNimation Dub)
Shuichi Matsumoto Mike McFarland (FUNimation Dub)
Takeshi Nakazato Chris Burnett (FUNimation Dub)
  Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese)
  Wally Wingert (Tokyopop Dub)
Takumi "Tak" Fujiwara Joel McDonald (FUNimation Dub)
  Dave Wittenberg (Tokyopop Dub)
Takumi Fujiwara Shinichiro Miki (Japanese)
  Yann Pichon (French)
Yuichi Tachibana Chuck Huber (FUNimation Dub)
  Michael McConnohie (Tokyopop Dub)
  Tomomichi Nishimura (Japanese)
(additional voices) Maxey Whitehead (FUNimation Dub)
  Stephanie Young (FUNimation Dub)

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