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Plastic Man
Plastic Man

Also Known As: The Plastic Man-Baby Plas Super Comedy Show (Second Season)
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 08 September 1979 - 06 September 1980
Voice Director: Alan Dinehart

Plastic Man's segments make up "The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Hour" alongside "Fangface," "Mighty Man & Yukk," and "Rickety Rocket"

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baby Plas Michael Bell
Badladdin Chuck McCann "Badladdin"
Chief Melendy Britt
Clam Don Messick "Wham-Bam! It's the Clam," "The Terrible 5+1"
Coach John Stephenson "The Minuscule Seven"
Commadore Peril Ralph James "The Colossal Crime of Commadore Peril"
Computerhead Don Messick "The Maniacal Computerhead"
  John Stephenson "The Terrible 5+1"
Count Graffiti Daws Butler "Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man"
Doctor Dinosaur Walker Edmiston "The Diabolical Doctor Dinosaur"
Doctor Duplicator Johnny Haymer "Doctor Duplicator Strikes Again"
Dr. Astro Michael Bell "Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape"
Dr. Dome Howard Morris "The Diabolical Dr. Dome"
Dr. Irwin Feldspar Alan Young "Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor"
Dr. Superstein Stanley Ralph Ross "Superstein"
Gearshift Swift Michael Bell "Sale of the Century"
Ghostfinger Lennie Weinrib "Ghostfinger"
Half-Ape / Professor Darwin Michael Bell "The Terrible 5+1"
  Alan Oppenheimer "The Horrible Half-Ape"
Hula Hula Joe Baker
Jeff Michael Bell "Empire of Evil"
Joggernaut Shepard Menken "Joggernaut"
Main Title Narrator Michael Rye
Marak Michael Bell "Empire of Evil"
Minuscule Seven Leader Fred Travalena "The Minuscule Seven"
Moonraider William Woodson "Moonraider"
Penny Melendy Britt
Plastic Man / Patrick "Eel" O'Brien Michael Bell
Royal Rajah John Stephenson "The Minuscule Seven"
Sleezy John Stephenson "The Minuscule Seven"
Solex / Solar Plant Official Don Messick "The Terrible 5+1"
Thugsy Allan Melvin "The Minuscule Seven"
Toyman Alan Oppenheimer "Toyman"
Weed John Stephenson "The Weed," "The Terrible 5+1"
(additional voices) Alan Dinehart
  Clare Peck
  Janet Waldo

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