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Zeta Project, The
Zeta Project, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 27 January 2001 - 10 August 2002
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ad-Bot Roger Rose "Hicksburg"
Adam Heat Diedrich Bader "Hicksburg"
Agent James Bennett Kurtwood Smith
Agent Lee Lauren Tom
Agent Rush Erika Alexander "Ro's Reunion," "Absolute Zero"
  Dominique Jennings "Wired," "On the Wire"
Agent West Michael Rosenbaum
Amy Mae Whitman "The River Rising"
Andrea Donoso Grey Griffin "Absoulte Zero"
Batman / Terry McGinnis Will Friedle "Shadows"
Blair Brandon T. Jackson "Shadows"
Bodhi Ethan Embry "His Maker's Name"
Bogg Tom Kenny "Crime Waves"
Bombshell Kate Jackson "Ro's Gift"
Boo Richard Moll "Lost and Found"
Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy "Shadows"
Bucky Ulises Cuadra "Kid Genius", "The Next Gen"
Burly Boyfriend Thomas F. Wilson "West Bound"
Buss Googy Gress "Wired"
Captain S. Scott Bullock "Resume Mission"
  Timothy Dang "His Maker's Name"
Carl Finley Andrew Lawrence "Eye of the Storm"
Cody Koala Jeff Bennett "Taffy Time"
Colonel Lomak Michael Dorn "Absolute Zero," "The Hologram Man"
Commander John Rubinow "Absolute Zero"
Computer Mari Devon "Quality Time"
Dad Aron Kincaid "Eye of the Storm"
Dante Dee Bradley Baker "Kid Genius"
Deputy Phil LaMarr "Ro's Gift"
Dex Finley Joseph Lawrence "Eye of the Storm"
Dog Frank Welker "West Bound"
Dominique Grey Griffin "The Next Gen"
Dr. Aroyu Miguel Sandoval "His Maker's Name"
Dr. Boyle Dabney Coleman "Hunt in the Hub"
Dr. Byrne Jim Wise "Wired" Pt. 2
Dr. Eli Selig Hal Linden "The Hologram Man"
  George Segal "Absolute Zero"
Dr. Greer Conchata Ferrell "The Next Gen"
Dr. Marcus Edmunds Michael McKean "The Hologram Man"
Dr. Marion O'Keefe Laraine Newman "Quality Time"
Dr. Myrell Richard Libertini "The Wrong Morph"
Dr. Rashad Hamilton Camp "Shadows"
Dr. Tanner Stuart Pankin "Remote Control," "Kid Genius"
Dr. Winhelm Michael T. Weiss "Absolute Zero"
Edgar Mandragora John Rhys-Davies "Ro's Gift"
Event Judge Earl Boen "Remote Control"
Event Official Steve McGowan "Remote Control"
Flight Attendant Julianne Grossman "Hunt in the Hub"
Gate Guard Larry Cedar "Wired" Pt. 2
  Mark Jonathan Davis "His Maker's Name"
Gloria Jennifer Hale "Kid Genius"
Gloria (young) Natalie Strom "Remote Control"
Gwen Lisa Edelstein "Ro's Reunion"
Horoscope Machine Mark Jonathan Davis "Hunt in the Hub"
Jace's Dad Kevin Michael Richardson "Resume Mission"
James Bennett Jr. Michael Galasso "Quality Time"
John Richard McGonagle "The River Rising"
Judge Linden William Schallert "The River Rising"
Kevin Wil Wheaton "The Wrong Morph"
Kid Rudy Nikita Hopkins "Kid Genius"
Krick Keith Szarabajka "Taffy Time," "Lost and Found"
Larry Lux Sam McMurray "Ro's Reunion"
Lead Bully Erica Hubbard "Lost and Found"
Lead Scientist Melanie Chartoff "Cabin Pressure"
Lorrie Marcelo Tubert "The Next Gen"
Macy Tara Strong "Ro's Reunion"
Macy's Mom Tress MacNeille "Ro's Reunion"
Mendes Javier Grajeda "The Next Gen"
Michaels Roger L. Jackson "Change of Heart"
  John Rubinow "Remote Control"
Newscaster Grey Griffin "Crime Waves"
Old Man Greg Eagles "The Accomplice," "Ro's Reunion"
Pat Jensen Charles Kimbrough "On the Wire"
Pilot Neil Ross "Cabin Pressure"
Pudge Armando Valdes-Kennedy "Crime Waves"
Richards Roger L. Jackson "Change of Heart"
Roland de Flores Stacy Keach "The Next Gen"
Rosalie "Ro" Rowan Julie Nathanson
Rosalie "Ro" Rowan's Brother Chris Hardwick "Ro's Reunion"
Rudy Brian Donovan "Kid Genius"
Rudy (young) Nikita Hopkins "Remote Control"
Schiz Phil LaMarr "Ro's Gift"
Scruffy David Faustino "His Maker's Name"
Security Chief Chad Einbinder "Hunt in the Hub"
Sheriff Jeff Doucette "Ro's Gift"
Sheriff Morgan Clancy Brown "Hicksburg," "Ro's Reunion"
Skye Hopes Cree Summer "Ro's Reunion"
Slam Marc Worden "The Accomplice"
Stevedore Pepe Serna "The Next Gen"
Swen Adam Baldwin "Crime Waves"
Teenage Boy Alexander Polinsky "Resume Mission"
Thad Robert David Hall "Eye of the Storm"
Titus Sweete Robert Costanzo "The Hologram Man"
Transita Francesca Smith "Ro's Gift"
Virtual Operator Vanessa Marshall "Wired" Pt. 2
Wade Pennington Chad Lowe "Crime Waves"
Weather Guy Larry Cedar "Hunt in the Hub"
Zeta / Zee Diedrich Bader
Zeta / Zee (young) Eli Marienthal

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