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Little Mermaid, The
Little Mermaid, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 1992 - 1995
Voice Director: Jamie Thomason

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alana Kimmy Robertson
Apollo Ron Perlman "Heroes"
Aquata Sheryl Bernstein
Ariel Jodi Benson
Arista Mary Kay Bergman
Babies Joan Gerber "Double Bubble"
Boy Ashley Peldon "Metal Fish"
Chef Louis Rene Auberjonois "Ariel's Treasures"
Crab Louie Jim Cummings "Urchin"
Crabscout J.D. Daniels "Tail of Two Crabs," "Metal Fish," "Island of Fear"
  Whitby Hertford "Island of Fear"
  Anndi McAfee "Tail of Two Crabs," "Metal Fish," "Island of Fear"
  Malachi Pearson "Tail of Two Crabs"
Da Shrimp David L. Lander
Daniel Justin Shenkarow "Island of Fear"
Dr. Vile Kenneth Mars "Island of Fear"
Dudley Dave Coulier
Ebb Tress MacNeille "Beached"
Flo Tress MacNeille "Beached"
Flotsam Paddi Edwards "Against the Tide," "Tail of Two Crabs"
Flounder Edan Gross
  Bradley Pierce (substitute)
Girl Ashley Peldon "Metal Fish"
Glowfish Jim Cummings "Red"
Grimsby Kay E. Kuter "Scuttle"
Hans Christian Anderson Mark Hamill "Metal Fish"
Igor Hal Rayle "Island of Fear"
Jetsam Paddi Edwards "Against the Tide," "Tail of Two Crabs"
King Augustus Keene Curtis "Marraige of Inconveniance"
King Triton Kenneth Mars
Little Manta Ray J.D. Daniels "A Little Evil"
Lobster Mobster Joe Alaskey
Mama Crab Hattie Winston "King Crab"
Moray the Eel Dave Coulier "Trident True," "T'ank You For Dat Ariel"
Mr. Clambakersfield Jim Cummings "Double Bubble"
Mrs. Clambakersfield Kath Soucie "Double Bubble"
Octopin Leader Clancy Brown "Heroes"
Ollie Whitby Hertford "Ariel's Treasures"
Pearl Cree Summer "Red," "Eel-ectric City"
Penny the Cat Frank Welker "Metal Fish"
Pettigrew Clive Revill "Save the Whale"
Prince Eric Jeff Bennett "Thingamajigger," "Scuttle"
Red (Young King Triton) Whitby Hertford "Red"
Scuttle Maurice LaMarche "Scuttle," "Island of Fear"
Sea Witch Linda Gary "Red"
Seahorse Jim Cummings "Tail of Two Crabs"
Sebastian Samuel E. Wright
Simon Brian Cummings "Message In A Bottle"
Sorcerer Blowfish Jim Cummings "Giggles"
  Clive Revill "Giggles"
  Kath Soucie "Giggles"
The Big Barracuda Tino Insana "Eel-ectric City"
The Evil Manta Tim Curry "The Evil Manta," "Thingamajigger," "Trident True," "A Little Evil"
Tom Jeff Bennett "Save the Whale"
Urchin Danny Cooksey
Ursula Pat Carroll (1993-1995)
(additional voices) Jesse Corti
  Gerrit Graham
  Frank Welker

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