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Thundarr the Barbarian
Thundarr the Barbarian

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 04 October 1980 - 18 September 1982
Voice Director: Alan Dinehart

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Artemus Chuck McCann "Trial by Terror"
Captain Willows Henry Corden "Island of the Body Snatchers"
Caroc Leader Henry Corden "Harvest of Doom"
Cinda Joan Van Ark "Prophecy of Peril"
Circe Janet Waldo "Island of the Body Snatchers"
Crom William Woodson "Portal Into Time"
Gemini Henry Corden "Secret of the Black Pearl," "Last Train to Doomsday"
Korb Joe Higgins "Trial by Terror"
Kublai Keye Luke "Battle of the Barbarians"
Maya Marlene Aragon "Prophecy of Peril"
Mindok Alan Oppenheimer "Mindok the Mind Menace"
Morag Alan Oppenheimer "Raiders of the Abyss"
Mutant Deputy #1 Chuck McCann "Trial by Terror"
Mutant Deputy #2 Henry Corden "Trial by Terror"
Octagon Avery Schreiber "Wizard War"
Ookla the Mok Henry Corden
Princess Ariel Nellie Bellflower
Set Henry Corden "Valley of the Man Apes"
Simius Hal Smith "Valley of the Man Apes"
Skullus Henry Corden "Wizard War"
Stryia Julie McWhirter "Attack of the Amazon Women"
Thundarr Robert Ridgely
Tye Nancy McKeon "Harvest of Doom," "Last Train to Doomsday"
Valerie Storm Liz Aubrey "Prophecy of Peril"
Vashtarr Michael Ansara "Prophecy of Peril"
Vortak Henry Corden "City of Evil"
Yando Michael Bell "Master of the Stolen Sunsword"
(additional voices) Alan Dinehart
  Al Fann (1981-1982)
  Stacy Keach Sr.
  Shepard Menken (1980-1981)

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