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Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: August 1991
Voice Director: Keythe Farley

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alan Quebec Alex Trebek "Game Show Didi"
Angelica Pickles Cheryl Chase
  Blanca Rada (Spanish (Castilian))
  Marlies Somers (Dutch)
  Chiaki Takahashi (Japanese) (2nd)
Announcer Neil Ross "Kid TV"
Baseball Player Scott Menville "Baseball"
Batboy Scott Menville "Baseball"
Betty DeVille Kath Soucie
Billy Dana Hill "Feeding Hubert/Spike the Wonder Dog"
Bingo Caller Ben Stein "Grandpa's Bad Bug/Lady Luck"
Blocky June Foray "The Last Babysitter/Sour Pickles"
Boris Kerpacketer Michael Bell
Captain Vic Polizos "In the Naval"
Captain Blasto Adam West "Superhero Chucky"
Charlotte Pickles Tress MacNeille
Chaz Finster Michael Bell
Chuckie Finster Nancy Cartwright (2001 - )
  Christine Cavanaugh (1991-2001)
Cleaver Kid Dana Hill "Grampa's Teeth/Momma Trauma"
Clerk Neil Ross "The Santa Experience"
Columnist Neil Ross "Kid TV"
Counselor Henry Gibson "Chuckie's First Haircut/Cool Hand Angelica"
Crybaby Pamela Adlon "The Big House/Shot"
Dean Pamela Adlon "Angelica's in Love/Ice Cream Mountain"
Didi Pickles Melanie Chartoff
Dil Pickles Tara Strong
Dopey Ghost Neil Ross "When the Spirit Moves You"
Dr. Lipschitz Tony Jay
Dr. Spooky Charlie Adler "All Growed Up"
Dr. Ventor Neil Ross "Reptar 2010"
Drew Pickles Michael Bell
F. Lee Barnum Neil Ross "Pickles vs. Pickles"
Fisherman Neil Ross "Kid TV"
Florence Bibi Osterwald "Visiting Aunt Miriam"
Goober Mark Silverman "The Big Showdown"
  Wally Wingert
Grandpa Lou Pickles Joe Alaskey (1998 - )
  David Doyle (1991-1998)
Hairdresser Henry Gibson "Chuckie's First Haircut/Cool Hand Angelica"
Harold Ryan Stiles "Daddy's Little Helpers"
Hector Dana Hill "The Big House/Shot"
Howard DeVille Philip Proctor
Ice Cream Cone Man Joe Alaskey "The Wild, Wild, West/Angelica for a Day"
JR Greg Cipes
Joey Benjamin Caya "Angelica's Last Stand/Clan of the Duck"
Johnny Neil Ross "The Mega Diaper Babies"
Jonathan Dan Castellaneta "Word of the Day/Jonathan Babysits"
Josh Dana Hill "New Kid in Town/Pickels vs. Pickels"
Judge Neil Ross "Pickles vs. Pickles"
Junk Food Kid Nancy Cartwright "Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch/Mirrorland"
Justin Dana Hill "The Big House/Shot"
Kimi Wantabe-Finster Dionne Quan
Kira Wantabe-Finster Julia Kato
Larry Jeremy Sisto "Angelica Orders Out"
Lil DeVille Kath Soucie
Lillian "Lil" DeVille Ilaria Latini (Italian)
Little Kid Dana Hill "Real or Robots?/Special Delivery", "The Give and Take/GoldRush"
Lulu Pickles Debbie Reynolds
Marvin Finster Stacy Keach "Finsterella", "Family Tree"
Miss Appleby Marcia Strassman "Dust Bunnies / Educating Angelica"
Mr. Nanby Neil Ross "Sour Pickles"
Mrs. Holkin Alice Ghostley "Grandpa's Bad Bug / Lady Luck"
Narrator Neil Ross "The Mega Diaper Babies"
Pat Sajak Pat Sajak "Chuckie is Rich"
Phil DeVille Kath Soucie
President Neil Ross "Reptar 2010"
Radio Announcer Keythe Farley "Music"
Radio Psychiatrist Neil Ross "Aunt Miriam"
Ralph Klumdor Ryan Stiles "Bow Wow Wedding Vows"
Randy Carmichael Ron Glass
Real Santa Neil Ross "The Santa Experience"
Reporter Neil Ross "Sour Pickles"
Sabu Kate Donahue "The Carwash / Heatwave"
Samantha Shane Laraine Newman "All Growed Up"
Santa Claus James Belushi "Babies in Toyland"
Scientist #1 Neil Ross "The Inside Story"
Scientist #2 Tony Jay "The Inside Story"
Sheila Bibi Osterwald "Visiting Aunt Miriam"
Stephanie Marabina Jaimes "Word of the Day"
Strike Maxwell Tom Bosley "King Ten Pin"
Stu Pickles Jack Riley
Susie Carmichael Cree Summer
Svetlana June Foray "The Last Babysitter/Sour Pickles"
Taffy Amanda Bynes
Taskmaster Baby Dana Hill "Passover"
Teddy McNulty Tara Strong "The America's Wackiest Home Movies/'Lympics"
Timmy Marabina Jaimes "Word of the Day"
Timmy McNulty Tara Strong "The America's Wackiest Home Movies/'Lympics"
Timmy The Toy Jamie Alcroft "Timmy The Toy"
Tommy Pickles EG Daily
  Miwa Matsumoto (Japanese)
Western Union Man Neil Ross "The Inside Story"
Wiseguy Pamela Adlon "The Big House/Shot"
(additional voices) Dan Gilvezan
  April Winchell

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