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You Are There
You Are There

Also Known As: CBS Is There
Genre: Radio Series
Release Dates: 07 July 1947 - 19 March 1950

Historical drama which recreated historical events as reported by CBS reporters and announcers "live," with on the spot interviews with period individuals and breaking bulletins.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alberti Guy Sorel "The Fall of Savanarola"
Aristophanes Arnold Moss "The Death of Socrates"
Captain Clifford Julian Noa "The Surrender of Sitting Bull"
Charlemagne Guy Sorel "The Crowning of Charlemagne"
Dominie Megapolensis Everett Sloane "The Surrender of New Amsterdam"
Ernestine Rose Minerva Pious "Women's Rights"
Field Interviewer Clayton Collyer "The Declaration of Independence"
  Ken Roberts
General Cortez Luis Van Rooten "The Death of Montezuma"
Homesteader Jackson Beck "The Oklahoma Land Run"
John Stokes Santos Ortega "The Trial Run of the Tom Thumb"
King Leonides Berry Kroeger "The Battle of Thermopolae"
King Xerxes Arnold Moss "The Battle of Thermopolae"
Major Brotherton Peter Hobbs "The Surrender of Sitting Bull"
Montezuma Arnold Moss "The Death of Montezuma"
Mr. Cornay Karl Swenson "Colonel Johnson Eats the Love Apple"
Mr. McCullough John Gibson "Colonel Johnson Eats the Love Apple"
Napoleon Bonaparte Guy Sorel "Napoleon Returns from Elba"
Plato Karl Swenson "The Death of Socrates"
Pope Leo III Joe De Santis "The Crowning of Charlemagne"
Sam Guy Sorel "The Trial Run of the Tom Thumb"
Savanarola Joe De Santis "The Fall of Savanarola"
Sir Samuel Starling Berry Kroeger "The Trial of William Penn"
The Chairman Guy Sorel "The Hanging of Captain Kidd"
The Soothsayer Guy Sorel "Mutiny in India"
Toussaint Louverture Guy Sorel "The Betrayal of Toussaint Louverture"
William of Normandy Guy Sorel "The Battle of Hastings"
(additional voices) Guy Sorel
  Abe Vigoda "The Impeachment of Samuel Chase"
(lead) Joe De Santis "The Dreyfus Case"

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