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Genre: Radio Series
Release Dates: 07 July 1947 - 25 September 1954
Voice Director: Antony Ellis

Long-running CBS radio anthology, emphasizing escapist adventure tales with occasional fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and crime elements, performed by an unofficial repertory company of Hollywood radio actors. Paul Frees and William Conrad alternated as the foreboding voice (with other actors occasionally filling) in the opening and closing signatures, which established the situation "from which there is no escape." Later, the voice generally asked "Tired of the everyday grind? Want to get away from it all? We offer you... Escape!" Frees and Conrad usually doubled in leading and supporting roles as well.

Scripts, many of which were performed multiple times (with different casts) over the course of the series, were a mixture of classic adaptations, then-contemporary short stories, and original plots. Some of the latter were supplied by the show's actors, such as John Dehner, Ben Wright, and Tony Barrett.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Admiral Joseph Kearns "The Man Who Won the War"
Adult Dave (Narrator) John Dehner "The Cave"
Alan Cooper Richard Peel "The Outstation"
Alan Rogers John Dehner "A Bullet for Mr. Smith"
Albert Tanner Howard McNear "The Invader"
Alex Peck Hans Conried "The Rim of Terror"
Alice Georgia Ellis "Funeral Fires"
Alsim Harry Bartell "Operation Fleur de Lis"
Amanda Mary Lansing "Treasure Incorporated"
Amelia Jeanette Nolan "Night in Havana"
Andrew Harbin John Dehner "Bird of Paradise"
Announcer Roy Rowan
  George Walsh (1952-1954, alternate)
Arthur Llewellyn Paul Frees "Ancient Sorceries"
Beauhelen Lawrence Dobkin "Wild Jack Rhett" (Feb. 15, 1953)
  Lou Krugman "Wild Jack Rhett" (December 17, 1950)
Belgian Major John Hoyt "The Man Who Won the War"
Bellhop Harry Bartell "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
Bendemeer John Dehner "Jetsam"
Bijou Harry Bartell "The Red Mark"
Blanche Peggy Webber "The Sire de Maletroit's Door"
Bombiste Junius Matthews "The Red Mark"
Brewer Harry Bartell "Treasure Incorporated"
Captain Edgar Barrier "The Open Boat"
  Lou Merrill "The Fourth Man" (April 25, 1948)
Captain Arad Paul Frees "Misfortune's Isle"
Captain Black Jeff Corey "Mars Is Heaven"
Captain Brittles John Hoyt "Command" (May 26, 1950)
Captain Brock Jack Kruschen "John Jock Todd"
Captain Burgess Alan Reed "The Log of the Evening Star"
Captain English John Dehner "A Passenger to Bali"
Captain Godfrey Ben Wright "A Sleeping Draught" (1951, 1953)
Captain Jonathan Williams Parley Baer "The Earth Men"
Captain Mac Will Geer "Flood on the Goodwins" (Nov. 1, 1949)
  Joseph Kearns "Flood on the Goodwins" (July 24, 1954)
Captain Wetherfield Luis Van Rooten "Habit"
Captain Wood Berry Kroeger "A Shipment Of Mute Fate" (March 13, 1949)
Carnival Owner Hans Conried "Carnival in Vienna"
Cat Luis Van Rooten "The Log of the Evening Star"
Charles Snell Elliott Lewis "Evening Primrose" (Nov. 5, 1947)
Christopher Bell Joseph Kearns "Action"
Christopher Pellett Hans Conried "The Price of the Head"
Chuck Rice Tony Barrett "Border Town"
Cigar Stand Owner Peter Leeds "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
Clive John Hoyt "Treasure Incorporated"
Clothing Store Owner Harry Bartell "Border Town"
Colby Paul Frees "Plunder of the Sun"
Colonel Jeff Corey ""The Drums of the Fore and Aft" (April 18, 1948)
Colonel Geraldine William Johnstone "The Young Man with the Cream Tarts"
Colonel Julian Abernathy Ramsay Hill "Lily and the Colonel"
Commandant Paul Frees "The Red Mark"
Commander Edgar Barrier "The Invader"
Commander Bradman Ben Wright "The Man Who Won the War"
Commander's Aide Paul Frees "The Invader"
Commissioner Lou Merrill "Leiningen vs. the Ants" (Jan. 14, 1948)
  Gerald Mohr "Leiningen vs. the Ants" (Aug. 04, 1949)
Costa Tony Barrett "Seeds of Greed"
Cowboy Sam Edwards "Wild Jack Rhett" (December 17, 1950)
  Peter Leeds "Wild Jack Rhett" (Feb. 15, 1953)
Crowbar Will Geer "The Red Forest"
Daniel Dravot Eric Snowden "The Man Who Would Be King" (July 7, 1947)
David Armour William Conrad "He Who Rides the Tiger"
Davis Barton Yarborough "Snake Doctor" (February 8, 1948)
Denis Elliott Lewis "The Sire de Maletroit's Door"
Denny Barton Yarborough "Two if by Sea"
Desk Clerk Harry Bartell "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
Doctor Harry Bartell "Present Tense"
  William Conrad "Ancient Sorceries"
  Ramsay Hill "Confession"
Dona Delfina Virginia Gregg "Misfortune's Isle"
Doyle William Conrad "Maracas"
Dr. Conrad John Hoyt "The Golden Snake"
Dr. Dubosc Paul Frees "The Fourth Man" (Aug. 18, 1947)
  Berry Kroeger "The Fourth Man" (April 25, 1948)
Dr. Ganderbai Jay Novello "Poison"
Dr. Gollen Luis Van Rooten "Action"
Dr. Hingston William Johnstone "Mars Is Heaven"
Dr. Messinger Ramsay Hill "The Man Who Liked Dickens"
Dr. Olm Byron Kane "The Earth Men"
Dr. Shiravieff Paul Frees "Taboo"
Dr. Verd Hans Conried "The Earth Men"
Driver Ramsay Hill "The Vanishing Lady"
Drunk Harry Bartell "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
Dumont Paul Frees "Bloodbath"
Dundas Vic Perrin "Flood on the Goodwins" (July 24, 1954)
Duplessis Luis Van Rooten "The Fugitive"
Earth Voice John Dehner "The Earth Men"
Edward Dunning John McIntire "Casting the Runes"
El Paso Bellhop Jerry Hausner "Border Town"
Esteban Don Diamond "This Side of Nowhere"
Eurasian Ben Wright "Shanghai Document"
Farber Paul Frees "Command"
Fat Thug William Conrad "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
Father Murchison Parley Baer "How Love Came to Professor Guildea"
Felix LaRouge William Conrad "The Sure Thing" (Oct. 15, 1949)
  Jeff Corey "The Sure Thing" (Jan. 17, 1950)
Fenayro Joseph Kearns "The Fourth Man"
Finnie Morner Paul Frees "Snake Doctor"
Fisherman Vic Perrin "Benchillina and the Fisherman"
Frank Dorian Barney Phillips "The Coward"
Frank Harvey Larry Thor "Incident in Quito"
Freddie John Stephenson "I Saw Myself Running"
Freddie Sinclair William Conrad "Back for Christmas"
Gail Barry Jeanette Nolan "The Golden Snake"
Ganson Tony Barrett "John Jock Todd"
General Quinto Berry Kroeger "He Who Rides the Tiger"
General Zaroff Hans Conried "The Most Dangerous Game"
George Georgia Ellis "The Cave"
George Fotheringay Ben Wright "The Man Who Could Work Miracles"
George Meyerling Paul Frees "Maracas"
Ginger Ted Alan Reed "The Vessel of Wrath"
Girl in Juarez Bar Bea Benaderet "Border Town"
Gouty Jay Novello "The Tramp"
Grant Ramsay Hill "Serenade for a Cobra"
Gregory Myatt William Conrad "Orient Express"
Halvert William Conrad "Wild Oranges"
Hanson Paul Frees "The Red Forest"
Harris Vincent Price "Bloodbath"
Harry William Conrad "Poison"
Hermione Carpenter Eleanor Audley "Back for Christmas"
Herr Koert Berry Kroeger "Red Wine" (Feb. 26, 1949)
Hill Elliott Lewis "Operation Fleur de Lis"
Hotel Manager Ramsay Hill "The Vanishing Lady"
House Detective Ben Wright "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
Ibarra William Conrad "The Country of the Blind" (Nov. 6, 1947)
  Berry Kroeger "The Country of the Blind" (June 20, 1948)
Inspector Collins Ben Wright "The Lost Special"
Jack Rhett John Dehner "Wild Jack Rhett"
Jafar Jay Novello "Serenade for a Cobra"
Jafe Morner William Conrad "Snake Doctor"
Jake William Conrad "Border Town"
Jan Georgia Ellis "The Red Forest"
Jefferson Gerald Mohr "Plunder of the Sun"
Jenkins Berry Kroeger "Action"
Jethro Luis Van Rooten "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
Jim Canovan William Conrad "Gringo"
John Woolfolk Paul Frees "Wild Oranges" (Dec. 17, 1947)
Johnson John Dehner "Yellow Wake"
Jonas Love William Conrad "Yellow Wake"
Jonathan Storm Gerald Mohr "The Pistol"
Jones William Conrad "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
Judge Berry Kroeger "Habit"
Junius Peabody Ben Wright "Jetsam"
Karswell William Conrad "Casting the Runes"
Kato Luis Van Rooten "The Log of the Evening Star"
Kenny Harry Bartell "Finger of Doom"
Lee Ben Wright "Seeds of Greed"
Leiningen William Conrad "Leiningen vs. the Ants" (Jan. 14, 1948)
  Tudor Owen "Leiningen vs. the Ants" (Aug. 04, 1949)
Leo Vincey Lawrence Dobkin "She"
Lily Abernathy Paula Winslowe "Lily and the Colonel"
London Reporter Ben Wright "Mars Is Heaven"
Lt. Dugan Lou Krugman "The Earth Men"
Lt. Jacobs Peter Leeds "The Invader"
Lt. Prescott Lawrence Dobkin "The Earth Men"
Lustig Paul Frees "Mars Is Heaven"
Major Donaldson Jeff Corey "The Outer Limit"
Maria Lillian Buyeff "Gringo"
Maria Novella Virginia Gregg "An Ordinary Man"
Mark Liddon William Conrad "The Follower"
Marou Alan Reed "Night in Havana"
Martin Jay Novello "Crossing Paris"
Mary Dundas Betty Lou Gerson "Flood on the Goodwins" (Nov. 1, 1949)
Mary Wain Georgia Ellis "Wild Jack Rhett" (Feb. 15, 1953)
Matt Travener Lawrence Dobkin "Wild Jack Rhett" (December 17, 1950)
Mayor Wain Harry Bartell "Wild Jack Rhett" (Feb. 15, 1953)
Medina-saroté Peggy Webber "The Country of the Blind"
Millie Stokes Betty Lou Gerson "Wild Oranges" (Sep. 28, 1949)
  Jeanette Nolan "Wild Oranges" (Dec. 17, 1947)
Miss Patterson Cathy Lewis "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
Mona Peggy Webber "Pass to Berlin"
Monsieur Caratel Edgar Barrier "The Lost Special"
Mother Willis Peggy Webber "A Shipment Of Mute Fate" (March 28, 1948)
Mr. Bland Parley Baer "The Lost Special"
Mr. Boom Sidney Miller "The Earth Men"
Mr. Maydig John Dehner "The Man Who Could Work Miracles"
Mr. McConnelly John Dehner "Habit"
Mr. Mummery Ben Wright "The Price of the Head"
Mr. Ordway John Dehner "The Man Who Won the War"
Mr. Smith Ben Wright "A Bullet for Mr. Smith"
Mr. Todd Joseph Kearns "The Man Who Liked Dickens"
Mrs. Bankner Sarah Selby "Figure a Dame"
Mrs. Ingram Sarah Selby "The Sure Thing" (Oct. 15, 1949)
Mrs. Turner Jeanette Nolan "Night in Havana"
Narrator Parley Baer "Wild Jack Rhett"
  Edgar Barrier "Jetsam," "Bird of Paradise"
  Jeff Chandler "Snake Doctor"
  William Conrad "The Open Boat"
  Mary Jane Croft "The Price of the Head"
  John Dehner "Zero Hour"
  Lawrence Dobkin "The Fourth Man" (July 07, 1949)
  Paul Frees "The Fall of the House of Usher"
  William Johnstone "The Fourth Man" (Aug. 18, 1947)
  Berry Kroeger "A Tooth for Paul Revere"
  Vic Perrin "The Adversary"
  Larry Thor "Pressure"
  Ben Wright "The Vessel of Wrath," "The Outstation"
Narrator #1 William Conrad "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
Narrator #2 William Johnstone "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
Nazi Ben Wright "Flood on the Goodwins" (July 24, 1954)
  Barton Yarborough "Flood on the Goodwins" (Nov. 1, 1949)
Number One of Mars Walter Catlett "Mars Is Heaven"
Nunez Paul Frees "The Country of the Blind" (Nov. 26, 1947; June 20, 1948)
O'Hara William Conrad "The General Died at Dawn"
O'Reilly William Conrad "Confession"
O'Toole Ben Wright "Border Town"
Officer Joseph Kearns "Serenade for a Cobra"
Papa Benjamin Luis Van Rooten "Papa Benjamin"
Parrot Jay Novello "The Fourth Man" (April 25, 1948)
  Nestor Paiva "The Fourth Man" (Aug. 18, 1947)
Paul Revere Parley Baer "A Tooth for Paul Revere"
Paul Vernier Jeff Chandler "Red Wine" (Feb. 26, 1949)
  Willard Waterman "Red Wine" (Aug. 11, 1949)
Perera William Conrad "Pollock and the Porroh Man"
Peyton Farquar Harry Bartell "An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge"
Phyllis Virginia Gregg "This Side of Nowhere"
Pitting Harry Bartell "How Love Came to Professor Guildea"
Platt Jay Novello "The Red Forest"
Police Commissioner Harry Bartell "Papa Benjamin"
Pollen Ben Wright "Present Tense"
Pollock Barton Yarborough "Pollock and the Porroh Man"
Preacher John Dehner "Wild Jack Rhett" (Feb. 15, 1953)
  Junius Matthews "Wild Jack Rhett" (December 17, 1950)
President of the Suicide Club William Conrad "The Young Man with the Cream Tarts"
Prince Florizel Paul Frees "The Young Man with the Cream Tarts"
Professor Demetrius Paul Frees "Green Splotches"
Professor Guildea Luis Van Rooten "How Love Came to Professor Guildea"
Professor Herbert Carpenter Paul Frees "Back for Christmas"
Rafferty Ben Wright "Figure a Dame"
Ramon Chavez Edgar Barrier "Gringo"
Rattigan William Conrad "Shanghai Document"
Renee Peggy Webber "Operation Fleur de Lis"
Rev. Mr. Walkes Lou Merrill "Passenger to Bali"
Rhode Parley Baer "Gringo"
Robin Hood William Conrad "Robert of Huntingdon"
Roderick Usher Ramsay Hill "The Fall of the House of Usher"
Roger Vincent Price "Present Tense"
Ronald A. Dawson Harry Bartell "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
Roscoe Paul Frees "Evening Primrose" (Nov. 5, 1947)
Rowe Ben Wright "The Red Forest"
Rudyard Kipling Ben Wright "The Drums of the Fore and Aft" (July 14, 1949)
Sam Will Geer "Sundown"
  Ben Wright "A Source of Irritation"
Sammis Junius Matthews "Wild Jack Rhett" (December 17, 1950)
  Howard McNear "Wild Jack Rhett" (Feb. 15, 1953)
Sanford John Hoyt "Yellow Wake"
Sanger Rainsford Paul Frees "The Most Dangerous Game"
Sergeant Richard Peel "The Thirteenth Truck"
Sgt. Klitheroe Harry Bartell "The Earth Men"
Sheng Pao Ben Wright "The Ambassador of Poker"
Sinbad Ben Wright "The Voyages of Sinbad"
Sir Everard Dominee Ben Wright "The Great Impersonation"
Sir John Lawrence Dobkin "Jetsam"
Snake Doctor Luis Van Rooten "Snake Doctor" (February 8, 1948)
Stanley Ben Wright "Pass to Berlin"
Steve Lane Tony Barrett "The Golden Snake"
Steve Quillan Paul Frees "Two if by Sea"
Steward William Conrad "Back for Christmas"
Susan Georgia Ellis "I Saw Myself Running"
The Clown Lou Merrill "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
The Devil Will Geer "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
The Doctor John Hoyt "The Sure Thing" (Oct. 15, 1949)
The Kanaka Pinto Colvig "The Log of the Evening Star"
The Parrot Paul Frees "How Love Came to Professor Guildea"
The Sire de Maletroit Ramsay Hill "The Sire de Maletroit's Door"
The Woman Jeanette Nolan "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
The Young Man Barton Yarborough "The Young Man with the Cream Tarts"
Theresa Blake Betty Lou Gerson "The Pistol"
Thin Thug Paul Frees "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
Thorne Nestor Paiva "The Match"
Tip Bailey Luis Van Rooten "Snake Doctor" (February 8, 1948)
Tony John Dehner "Shanghai Document"
  Terry Kilburn "The Man Who Liked Dickens"
Twitchell Elliott Lewis "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
Vickers Ben Wright "Shanghai Document"
Voice of Escape William Conrad
  Paul Frees
  Lou Krugman (occasional)
Wally William Conrad "The Red Forest"
Warburton Alistair Duncan "The Outstation"
Waterhouse Luis Van Rooten "Pollock and the Porroh Man"
Wolfgang Bechtel Paul Frees "The Man Who Won the War"
Woman in Fog Peggy Webber "Confession"
Zeke William Conrad "This Side of Nowhere"

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