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Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 2001

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abazigal Jim Cummings
Aerie Kath Soucie
Aesgareth Jack Roth
Alianna Kath Soucie
Anomen Delryn Rob Paulsen
Asana Haraad Kath Soucie
Balthazar Jeff Osterhage
Bhaal Kevin Michael Richardson
Carras Jeff Bennett
Carston Jeff Bennett
Cernd Jason Marsden
Cespenar Jeff Bennett
Chromatic Demon Jim Cummings
Cyric Jeff Bennett
Demogorgon Jim Cummings
Diaytha Grey Griffin
Draconis Jeff Osterhage
Edwin Odesseiron Jim Meskimen
Elminster Jeff Bennett
Fayanna Grey Griffin
Fll'yissetat Grey Griffin
Ghostly Apparition Kath Soucie
Gorion Jim Cummings
Gromnir Il-Khan Jim Cummings
Haer'Dalis Michael Bell
Illasera Grey Griffin
Imoen Melissa Disney
Jaheira Heidi Shannon
Jan Jansen Jack Roth
Ka'rashur Kevin Michael Richardson
Keldorn Firecam Roger L. Jackson
Khalid Jim Meskimen
Korgan Bloodaxe Bill E. Martin
Master Bennon John H. Mayer
Master Wraith Jim Cummings
Mazzy Fentan Jennifer Hale
Melissan Heidi Shannon
Minsc Jim Cummings
Moira Grey Griffin
Nalia de'Arnise Grey Griffin
Narrator John H. Mayer
Nyalee Grey Griffin
Odren Kevin Michael Richardson
Omar Haraad Michael Bell
Priest of Waukeen John H. Mayer
Saemon Havarian Jeff Bennett
Saladrex Jim Cummings
Sarevok Anchev Kevin Michael Richardson
Sendai Vanessa Marshall
Solar Charity James
Tahazzar Roger L. Jackson
Valas Jason Marsden
Valygar Corthala Jeff Osterhage
Viconia DeVir Grey Griffin
Yaga-Shura Kevin Michael Richardson
Yakman Jeff Bennett
Young Sarevok Kath Soucie

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