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Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The
Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The

Genre: Animated/Live Action Series
Release Date: 1989
Voice Director: Greg Morton

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Beezo John Stocker
Flurry John Stocker
Ganon Len Carlson ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
Genie Catherine Gallant "Mario's Magic Carpet"
Gleeok Len Carlson
Goriya Len Carlson
King Harkinian Colin Fox ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
King Koopa Harvey Atkin
Koopa Troopa John Stocker
Link Jonathan Potts ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
Luigi Danny Wells
Mario Lou Albano
Moblin Len Carlson ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
Mouser #1 John Stocker
Mouser #2 Robert Bockstael
Mushroom Mayor Harvey Atkin
Princess Toadstool Jeannie Elias
Princess Zelda Cynthia Preston ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
Shyguy Jeannie Elias
Sniffet Harvey Atkin
Spryte Tabitha St. Germain ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
Stalof Len Carlson
The Triforce of Power Allen Stewart-Coates ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
The Triforce of Wisdom Elizabeth Hanna ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
Toad John Stocker
Tryclyde Harvey Atkin
Vire Len Carlson
(additional voices) Dorian Joe Clark
  Rob Cowan
  Diane Fabian
  Don Francks ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
  Joyce Gordon (II)
  Marilyn Lightstone
  Marla Lukofsky
  Greg Morton
  Denise Pidgeon
  Greg Swanson

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