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She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Ra: Princess of Power

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1985

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Beast Man John Erwin
Bow George DiCenzo
Broom John Erwin
Castaspella Linda Gary
Catra Linda Gary
Duke Dreer George DiCenzo "Troll's Dream"
Dylamug George DiCenzo
  Lou Scheimer
Entrapta Linda Gary "One to Count On," "The Time Transformer," "Romero and Glimmer," "Portrait of Doom"
Flutterina Erika Scheimer
Frosta Erika Scheimer ?
Glimmer Linda Gary
Grizzlor Alan Oppenheimer
He-Man / Prince Adam John Erwin
Hordak George DiCenzo
Horde Trooper Lou Scheimer
Imp Erika Scheimer
Inspector Darkney Lou Scheimer "King Miro's Journey," "The Inspector"
Jewelstar Melendy Britt "Bow's Magical Gift"
Kowl Lou Scheimer
Leech Lou Scheimer
Light Hope Lou Scheimer
Loo-Kee Lou Scheimer
Madame Razz Melendy Britt
Man-At-Arms Alan Oppenheimer
Mantenna Lou Scheimer
Mermista Melendy Britt "Flowers for Hordak," "Wild Child," "The Pearl," "Sweet Bee's Home"
Modulok Alan Oppenheimer
Netossa Diane Pershing "When Whispering Woods Last Bloom," "The Inspector," "Portrait of Doom." "Assault on the Hive"
Octavia Melendy Britt "Treasure of the First Ones," "She-Ra Makes a Promise"
Peekablue Erika Scheimer "Enchanted Castle," "One to Count On," "Something Old, Something New," "The Perils of Peekablue"
Perfuma Erika Scheimer "Flowers for Hordak," "Something Old, Something New"
Princess Allegra Melendy Britt "Wild Child"
Queen Angella Erika Scheimer
Rattlor Lou Scheimer
Scorpia Linda Gary
Sea Hawk George DiCenzo
Shadow Weaver Linda Gary
She-Ra / Princess Adora Melendy Britt
Skeletor Alan Oppenheimer
Snout Spout Lou Scheimer "Small Problems," "Out of the Cocoon," "Day of the Flowers"
Sorrowful the Dragon Lou Scheimer "The Prisoners of Beast Island," "The Laughing Dragon," "The Locket"
Spinnerella Diane Pershing "When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed"
Spirit / Swift Wind Lou Scheimer
Starla Erika Scheimer "Bow's Magical Gift"
Sweet Bee Linda Gary "Sweet Bee's Home," "Assault on the Hive"
Swift Wind Lou Scheimer
Tallstar Linda Gary "Bow's Magical Gift"
Tung Lashor George DiCenzo
Vultak George DiCenzo "Zoo Story," "Above It All"

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