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I Go Pogo
I Go Pogo

Also Known As: Pogo for President
Genre: Stop-Motion Animated Film
Release Date: 01 August 1980
Voice Director: Ed Graham

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Albert Alligator Stan Freberg
Bewildered Bob Kaliban
Bewitched Len Maxwell
Bothered Bob McFadden
Churchy La Femme Arnold Stang
Deacon Mushrat Vincent Price
Howland Owl Bob McFadden
Ma'mzelle Hepzibah Ruth Buzzi
Miz Beaver Ruth Buzzi
Miz Beetle Marcia Savella
Molester Mole Jonathan Winters
Narrator Skip Hinnant
Pogo Possum Skip Hinnant
Porky Pine Jonathan Winters
Wiley Katt Jonathan Winters

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