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On Stage
On Stage

Genre: Radio Series
Release Dates: 01 January 1953 - 30 September 1954
Voice Director: Elliott Lewis

Anthology drama starring the husband and wife team of Cathy and Elliott Lewis, who also hosted.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Anna the Housekeeper Peggy Webber "The Bunch of Violets"
Announcer George Walsh
Bar Patron #1 Paula Winslowe "A Corner of Autumn"
Bar Patron #2 Junius Matthews "A Corner of Autumn"
Bartender Herb Butterfield "A Corner of Autumn"
Bill Bailey Sheldon Leonard "String Bow Tie"
Bronson Edgar Barrier "The Hanging at Four Oaks"
Cacambo Byron Kane "Candide"
Casting Assistant Byron Kane "Poetic Tragedy"
Chauffeur Paul Frees "Skin Deep"
Concierge Byron Kane "Four Meetings"
District Attorney Larry Thor "Skin Deep"
Doctor Byron Kane "The Bunch of Violets"
Eric Byron Kane "And a Fond Farewell"
French Policeman Ben Wright "Beirut by Sunrise"
George Tinman Byron Kane "Public Furlough"
Governor of El Dorado Edgar Barrier "Candide"
Grady Ben Wright "Cargo"
John Bradford Joseph Kearns "Statement of Fact"
Korvo Tony Barrett "Cargo"
Lady on Subway Martha Wentworth "String Bow Tie"
Landlady Peggy Webber "Eddie"
Lebanese Guide Byron Kane "Beirut by Sunrise"
Lt. Ogden Byron Kane "A Fifth of Tears"
Man on Subway Byron Kane "String Bow Tie"
Mark Kuryo John Dehner "Cargo"
Miss Stutz GeGe Pearson "Canary Yellow"
Mr. Harun Edgar Barrier "Beirut by Sunrise"
Mrs. Bill Bailey Mary Jane Croft "String Bow Tie"
Nurse Peggy Webber "The Bunch of Violets"
Old Woman Martha Wentworth "Candide"
Pangloss Howard McNear "Candide"
Preacher Harry Bartell "The Hanging at Four Oaks"
Prime Minister Pineval Junius Matthews "The Lady or the Tiger?"
Reporter Byron Kane "Statement of Fact"
Rusty the Bartender Barney Phillips "The Hanging at Four Oaks"
Sheriff Byron Kane "The Hanging at Four Oaks"
Special Deputy Thaylor Jack Kruschen "Statement of Fact"
The King Alan Reed "The Lady or the Tiger"
Truck Driver Barney Phillips "Loving"
(all female leads) Cathy Lewis
(all male leads) Elliott Lewis

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