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Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 25 August 2009
Voice Director: Collette Sunderman
Official Website: http://www.batmanarkhamasylum.com/game

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aaron Cash Duane R. Shepard Sr.
Amadeus Arkham Tom Kane
Bane Fred Tatasciore
Batman / Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy
Bob Johnson Wally Wingert
Bruce Wayne (child) Kimberly Brooks
Carl Todd Fred Tatasciore
Commissioner James Gordon Tom Kane
Dr. Adrian Chen Wally Wingert
Dr. Gretchen Whistler Adrienne Barbeau
Dr. Penelope Young Cree Summer
Dr. Stephen Kellerman Keith Ferguson
Eddie Burlow Chris Cox
Frank Boles Danny Jacobs
Gotham Cop Rick D. Wasserman
  Wally Wingert
Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel Arleen Sorkin
Henchman #1 Rick D. Wasserman
Henchman #2 Fred Tatasciore
Henchman #3 James Horan
Henchman #4 Chris Gardner
Henchman #5 Wally Wingert
Henchman #6 Duane R. Shepard Sr.
Henry Smith Chris Gardner
Ian Kennedy Steve Blum
Jack Ryder James Horan
Joker Mark Hamill
Jordan Fraser Steve Blum
Killer Croc / Waylon Jones Steve Blum
Louie Green Tom Kane
Luke Curtis Wally Wingert
Lunatic #1 Dino Andrade
Lunatic #2 Keith Ferguson
Martha Wayne Tasia Valenza
Masked Guard #1 Danny Jacobs
Masked Guard #2 Steve Blum
Masked Guard #3 Chris Cox
Masked Guard #4 Roger Rose
Masked Guard #5 Wally Wingert
Masked Orderly #1 Roger Rose
Masked Orderly #2 Chris Cox
Masked Orderly #3 James Horan
Oracle / Barbara Gordon Kimberly Brooks
Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley Tasia Valenza
Riddler / Edward Nygma Wally Wingert
Robert Stirling Danny Jacobs
Sarah Cassidy Kimberly Brooks
Scarecrow / Jonathan Crane Dino Andrade
TV Voice Keith Ferguson
Thomas Wayne Kevin Conroy
Victor Zsasz Danny Jacobs
Voice of Arkham Adrienne Barbeau
Warden Quincy Sharp Tom Kane
William North Roger Rose
Zach Franklin Chris Gardner

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