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New Woody Woodpecker Show, The
New Woody Woodpecker Show, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 08 May 1999 - 08 December 2001
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Announcer Billy West "Over the Top"
Award Presenter Billy West "He Wouldn't Woody"
Badger Mark Hamill
Businessman Jess Harnell "Wiener Wars"
Buzz Buzzard Mark Hamill
Captain Redwood Jim Cummings "Woody's Ship of Ghouls"
Clive Billy West "Bait & Hook"
Cockroach Dan Castellaneta "Brother Cockroach"
Corky Rob Paulsen "Woody's Ship of Ghouls"
Cupid Billy West "Date With Destiny"
Customer Julie Brown "Bad Hair Day"
Dapper Denver Dooley Jim Cummings
Dr. Doug Nutts Billy West
Fur-Bearing Trout Billy West "Chilly & the Fur-Bearing Trout"
Gabby Gator Jeff Bennett
Helga Tress MacNeille "The Chilly Show"
Hens Tress MacNeille "Chicken Woody"
Inspector Willoughby Maurice LaMarche
Joe Jess Harnell "Weiner Wars"
Judge Julie Brown "Winnie's New Car"
  Billy West "Painfaker"
Kid Pat Fraley "Mexican Chilly"
Knothead EG Daily
Lash Tom Kenny "Automatic Woody"
Lester the Termite Pamela Adlon "Woody and the Termite"
Marty Charles Martin Smith "The Chilly Show"
Minnow Billy West "Bait & Hook"
Mother Nature B.J. Ward
Mr. Lutz Billy West "Whistle Stop Woody"
Ms. Meany Andrea Martin
Nash Pat Fraley "Automatic Woody"
Oakey Jim Cummings "Woody's Ship of Ghouls"
Pigeon Boss Jeff Bennett "Downsizing Woody"
Pirate Jess Harnell "Woody's Ship of Ghouls"
  Billy West "Woody's Ship of Ghouls"
Polar Bear Kevin Michael Richardson "The Chilly Show"
Santa Claus Tom Kane "It's a Chilly Christmas After All"
Sarge Hogwash Jeff Bennett
Scoutmaster Billy West "He Wouldn't Woody"
Smedley Billy West
Splinter Nika Futterman
TV Announcer Corey Burton "Mexican Chilly"
  Billy West "Bait & Hook"
Wally Walrus Billy West
Wings Banderhausenhosenflausen Billy West "Crash Course"
Winnie Woodpecker B.J. Ward
Woody Woodpecker Billy West
Woody Woodpecker's Father Corey Burton
(additional voices) Peter Jason
  Joe Lala
  Brogan Roche
  Eugene Roche

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