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Monster Rancher
Monster Rancher

Also Known As: Monster Farm: Enbanseki no himitsu
Genre: Anime Series
Release Date: 1999
Voice Director: Karl Willems

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Allan Matt Smith
Big Blue Ward Perry
Captain Black Dino Scott McNeil
Captain Black Hare Terry Klassen
Captain Clay David Kaye
Captain Jell Paul Dobson
Coliseum Announcer Scott McNeil
Ducken Terry Klassen
Ebony Brian Drummond
Ed Terry Klassen
Game Narrator Ward Perry
Genki Andrew Francis (1999-2000)
  Saffron Henderson (2000-2001)
Golem Richard Newman
  Naoya Uchida (Japanese)
Grandfather Richard Newman
Green Tiger Richard Newman
Grey Wolf Scott McNeil
Ham Nozomu Sasaki (Japanese)
Hare Samuel Vincent
Holly Liliana Barba (Spanish (Latin American))
  Sabine Bohlmann (German)
  Mariko Kouda (Japanese)
  Maggie Blue O'Hara
Jell Trooper Richard Newman
Lilly Janyse Jaud
Little Girl Saffron Henderson
Master Moo Paul Dobson
Matthew Scott McNeil
Mickey Scott McNeil
Mocchi Janyse Jaud
  Yuri Shiratori (Japanese)
Mochi Nicola Grupe (German)
Monol David Kaye
Monster Battle Host David Kaye
Naga Scott McNeil
Old Crone Janyse Jaud
Pixie Saffron Henderson
  Janyse Jaud
Pixy Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese)
Red Tiger Ward Perry
Roko Michael Dobson
Seed Brother Paul Dobson
Seed Sister #1 Saffron Henderson
Seed Sister #2 Shirley Millner
Seed Sister #3 Janyse Jaud
Slave Paul Dobson
  Brian Drummond
  David Kaye
  Ward Perry
  Samuel Vincent
Suezo Scott McNeil
Tiger of the Wind Brian Drummond
  Kazuki Yao (Japanese)

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