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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Also Known As: Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers (alternate Season Three title)
Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 28 August 1993 - 16 February 1996
Voice Director: Tony Oliver

Season One was adapted from "Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger." Season Two was adapted from "Gosei Sentai Dairanger." Season Three was adapted from "Ninja Sentai Kakuranger."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alpha 5 Richard Steven Horvitz
  Lionel Melet (French)
Arachnofiend Julie Maddalena "Along Came a Spider"
Babe Ruthless Richard Epcar "A Star is Born"
Baboo Dave Mallow
Blue Globbor Eddie Frierson "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor"
Bones Tom Wyner "High Five"
Bratboy Paul Schrier "Attack of the 60's Bulk"
Brick Bully Richard Epcar "Another Brick in the Wall"
  Brian Tahash "Alien Rangers of Aquitar"
Bulk Alain Flick (French)
Cannon Top John C. Hyke "Scavenger Hunt"
Cardiatron Richard Cansino "Birds of a Feather"
Centiback Brad Orchard "Fourth Down and Long"
Commander Crayfish Tom Wyner "Mighty Morphin Mutants"
Crabby Cabbie Michael Sorich "Follow That Cab," "Alien Rangers of Aquitar"
Cyclops Richard Epcar "The Green Candle"
Cycloptor Steve Kramer "A Friend in Need"
Dark Warrior Tom Wyner "Dark Warrior"
Doomstone Tom Wyner "Zedd's Monster Mash"
Double Face Michael Sorich "A Friend in Need"
Dramole Kerrigan Mahan "The Wedding" Pt. 3
  Kirk Thornton "Return of an Old Friend"
Eye Guy Richard Cansino "I, Eye Guy," "The Wedding"
Face Stealer Scott Page-Pagter "Final Face-Off"
Fact Julie Maddalena "A Friend in Need"
Fang Michael Sorich "The Yolk's on You"
Finster Robert Axelrod
  Georg Tryphon (German)
Frankenstein Tom Wyner "Life's a Masquerade"
Garbage Mouth Matt K. Miller "A Different Shade of Pink," "Alien Rangers of Aquitar" Pt. 2
Genie Tom Wyner "Switching Places"
Ghost of Darkness Mark Lesser (French)
Gnarly Gnome Steve Kramer "Different Drum"
Goatan (Goat Head) Tony Oliver "Lions and Blizzards"
Goatan (Lion Head) Richard Epcar "Lions and Blizzards"
Goldar Kerrigan Mahan
  Patrick Poivey (French)
Goo Fish Robert Axelrod "Something Fishy," "A Reel Fish Story"
Gork Michael McConnohie "A Friend in Need"
Grumble Bee Dave Mallow "Grumble Bee," "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park," "The Wedding"
Grumble the Magic Elf Robert Axelrod "Storybook Rangers"
Hatchasaurus Steve Kramer "The Ninja Encounter" Pt. 2
  Kirk Thornton "Birds of a Feather"
Hate Master Michael Sorich "Stop the Hate Master"
Hydro Hog Brad Orchard "Hogday Afternoon"
Incisorator Richard Epcar "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor" Pt. 3
  Oliver Page "Changing of the Zords" Pt. 2
Invenusable Flytrap Richard Epcar "The Wedding"
Jason Lee Scott / Red Ranger William Coryn (French)
Jaws of Destruction Chuck Kovacic "Forever Friends"
Jellyfish Richard Cansino "Reign of the Jellyfish"
Katastrophe Catherine Sutherland "A Ranger Catastrophe"
King Sphinx Richard Cansino "A Pressing"
Knasty Knight Tom Wyner "Happy Birthday, Zack"
Lanterra Mike Reynolds "Passing the Lantern"
  Brian Tahash "Alien Rangers of Aquitar" Pt. 1
Lizzinator Dave Mallow "Enter...The Lizzinator," "Ninja Quest" Pt. 1
Lokar Robert Axelrod "Island of Illusion," "Doomsday"
Lord Zedd Robert Axelrod
  Alain Flick (French)
Madame Woe Alex Borstein "Peace, Love, and Woe"
Magnet Brain Michael Sorich "Opposites Attract"
Master Vile Tom Wyner
Minotaur Tom Wyner "Teamwork"
Mondo the Magician Mike Reynolds "Storybook Rangers" Pt. 2
Mutitis Richard Epcar "Island of Illusion"
Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel Brianne Siddall "White Light"
Ninjor Kim Strauss
Octophantom Eddie Frierson "The Power Stealer"
Octoplant Brianne Siddall "Rita's Seed of Evil"
Oysterizer Scott Page-Pagter "An Oyster Stew," "Rangers Back in Time" Pt. 2
Parrot Top Matt K. Miller "Alien Rangers of Aquitar" Pt. 2
Peckster Scott Page-Pagter "Fowl Play," "The Wedding"
Pineoctopus Tom Wyner "No Clowning Around"
Pipebrain Brad Orchard "Missing Green"
Pirantishead Scott Page-Pagter "The Mutiny," "A Reel Fish Story"
Plague Patrol Oliver Page "A Friend in Need"
  Scott Page-Pagter "A Friend in Need"
  Jimmy Theodore "A Friend in Need"
Plague Sentry Tom Wyner "A Friend in Need"
Polluticorn Michael Sorich "Clean-Up Club"
Preview Narrator Dave Mallow
  Michael McConnohie
Primator Richard Epcar "The Wanna-Be Ranger," "Zedd's Monster Mash"
Professor Longnose Kirk Thornton "Alien Rangers of Aquitar" Pt. 2
Pudgy Pig Dave Mallow "Food Fight," "A Pig Surprise"
Pumpkin Rapper Michael Sorich "Trick or Treat," "Zedd's Monster Mash"
Ravenator Brad Orchard "Rita's Pita"
Repellator Michael McConnohie "A Friend in Need"
Rhinoblaster Richard Epcar "Football Season," "The Wedding"
Rita Repulsa Barbara Goodson
Rito Revolto Bob Papenbrook
Robogoat Steve Kramer "The Green Dream," "The Wedding," "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor" Pt. 3
Rockstar Tony Oliver "The Rockstar"
Saba Tony Oliver
Saliguana John C. Hyke "Putty on the Brain"
  Bob Papenbrook "The Wedding" Pt. 3
Samurai Fan Man Tom Wyner "Calamity Kimberly"
Scorpina Wendee Lee
See Monster Brian Tahash "Changing of the Zords" Pt. 3, "Alien Rangers of Aquitar"
Shellshock Richard Epcar "The Trouble with Shellshock"
Sinister Simian Brianne Siddall "A Chimp in Charge"
Skelerena Tom Fahn "Mirror of Regret"
Slippery Shark Steve Kramer "On Fins and Needles," "A Reel Fish Story"
Slotsky Jimmy Theodore "Climb Every Fountain"
Snizard Bryan Cranston "Foul Play in the Sky"
  Bob Papenbrook "The Wedding" Pt. 2
Soccadillo Brianne Siddall "Second Chance," "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park," "The Wedding"
Spidertron Tom Wyner "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Spitflower Mike Reynolds "The Spitflower"
Squatt Michael Sorich
Stag Beetle Wendee Lee "The Beetle Invasion," "Ninja Quest" Pt. 1
Terror Toad Michael Sorich "Power Ranger Punks"
Tommy Oliver / Green Ranger/ White Ranger Patrick Poivey (French)
Trumpet Top Dave Mallow "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park"
Tube Monster Brad Orchard "A Reel Fish Story"
Turbanshell Barbara Goodson "Green No More"
Twin Man Bryan Cranston "A Bad Reflection on You"
Two-Headed Parrot Robert Axelrod "Two Heads are Better Than One"
Vampirus Michael Sorich "Ninja Quest" Pt. 4, "A Different Shade of Pink" Pt. 1
Vase Face Brianne Siddall "Blue Ranger Gone Bad"
Weaveworm Richard Cansino "A Star is Born"
Weldo Eddie Frierson "The Great Bookala Escape"
Wizard of Deception Tony Oliver "Return of the Green Ranger"
Zack Taylor / Black Ranger Lionel Melet (French) (dubbing for Walter Jones)
Zordon Robert Manahan
  Patrick Poivey (French)

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