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Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 08 November 1995
Voice Director: Michael McConnohie

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Big Sharga Wally Burr
Chuckle Snort Rob Paulsen
Dombur Milton James
Drake Tony Oliver
Ed Ettin Milton James
Enigma Ardwight Chamberlain
  Scott LaRocca
Farli Richard Epcar
Fil Ettin Wally Burr
Floating Skull Scott LaRocca
Gargoyle Simon Prescott
Geldor Clifton Wells
George Ettin Mike Reynolds
Giggle Binkie Steve Mackall
Grak the Traitor Dan Woren
Grug Joshua Seth
Iaenni Queen of the Fay Natalie Carter
Ice Queen Melodee Spevack
Ice Sharga Guard Joshua Seth
Kandoc Dan Woren
Karzak Philip L. Clarke
Lament Kath Soucie
Murph Winkie Jeff Bennett
Nigel Hardstone Wally Burr
Orson Barry Stigler
Rek Robert Towers
Sardin Edward Mannix
Scourge Michael McConnohie
  Melodee Spevack
  Jeff Winkless
Shadowking Arthur Burghardt
Sharga Rebel Robert Towers
Skuz Michael Sorich
Sparkle Kath Soucie
Stump Ettin Michael McConnohie
Sweetie Surly EG Daily
Thera Madalyn Rofer
Throg Hermit Barry Stigler
Throg Shaman Mike Reynolds
Thun Brightstone Mike Reynolds
Tiny Sharga Joshua Seth
Torin Simon Prescott
Vermatrix Goldenhide Louise Chamis
Wahooka Bill E. Martin
Whispering Voice Michael McConnohie
  Melodee Spevack
  Jeff Winkless

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