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Jungle Cubs
Jungle Cubs

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 05 October 1996 - 10 January 1998
Voice Director: Jamie Thomason

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Akela Rob Paulsen "The Coming of the Wolves"
Animal #2 Jess Harnell "Old Green Teeth"
Arthur David L. Lander
Baboon Jim Cummings "Waiting for Baloo"
Bagheera Dee Bradley Baker (1997)
  EG Daily (1996)
Baloo Pamela Adlon
Benny EG Daily "Benny & Clyde"
Cain Jim Cummings "The Coming of the Wolves"
Cecil Michael McKean
Cheetah #2 Tino Insana "Old Green Teeth"
Clarisse Susan Tolsky "Feathered Brains"
Clyde Jeannie Elias "Benny & Clyde"
Crane Frank Welker "The Elephant Who Couldn't Say No"
Crocodile Frank Welker "How the Panther Lost It's Roar"
Dhole Leader Jim Cummings "Red Dogs"
Dictator Turtle Jim Cummings "Hair Ball"
Fred Jim Cummings
Green Teeth Jim Cummings "Old Green Teeth"
Hathi Stephen Furst (1997)
  Rob Paulsen (1996)
Hyena Jim Cummings "Hair Ball"
Jaguar Tino Insana "Old Green Teeth"
Jed Jim Cummings
Kaa Jim Cummings
Kalki Jim Cummings "Red Dogs"
Leah Kath Soucie "The Coming of the Wolves"
Mahra Tress MacNeille
McCoy Jeff Bennett "Hulla Baloo"
Mother Duck Kath Soucie "Nice Tiger"
Mother Mouse Kath Soucie "Nice Tiger"
Mountain Sheep Kath Soucie "The Elephant Who Couldn't Say No"
Mouse Jim Cummings "Waiting for Baloo"
Mungo Adam Wylie "Mondo Mungo"
Ned Charlie Adler
Old Monkey Lady April Winchell "The Ape Who Would Be King"
Ostrich Kath Soucie "Hair Ball"
Prince Louie Jason Marsden (1996)
  Cree Summer (1997)
Rhinoceros Jim Cummings "A Tale of Two Tails"
  Frank Welker "How the Panther Lost It's Roar"
Shere Khan Jason Marsden
Shrew April Winchell "Treasure of the Middle Jungle"
Sloth Frank Welker "The Elephant Who Couldn't Say No"
Toucan Jess Harnell "Old Green Teeth"
Warthog with Sand Crabs Jim Cummings "Hair Ball"
Water Buffalo Kenneth Mars "Buffaloed"
White Hood Jim Cummings "Treasure of the Middle Jungle"
Winifred Kath Soucie
(theme song singer) Lou Rawls

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