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Halo Wars
Halo Wars

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 03 March 2009

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Anders Kim Mai Guest
Arbiter David Sobolov
Banshee Perry Brown
Brute Chieftan Marc Worden
Captain Cutter Gregg Berger
Covenant Minister Peter Renaday
Flamethrower Infantry Cam Clarke
Generic Marine Jonathan Lipow
Generic Marine 03 Andrew Kishino
Maid Addin Richard Cansino
Male Civilian Richard Cansino
Panicked Mob Robin Atkin Downes
Pilot Robin Atkin Downes
Prophet of Regret Robin Atkin Downes
Scarab Perry Brown
Serina A.I. Courtenay Taylor
Sgt Forge Nolan North
Spartan Gideon Emery
Spirit Officer Robin Atkin Downes
Suicide Grunt Gideon Emery
Tutorial Instructor Christopher Sabat
Vampire Perry Brown
Voice of Game Douglas Rye
Vulture Andrew Kishino
Warthog Andrew Kishino
Wolverine Andrew Kishino
(additional voices) Leigh Allyn Baker
  Brian Bloom
  Bob Carter
  Sean Donnellan
  Crispin Freeman
  Brad Hawkins
  Peter Jessop
  Kevin Killebrew
  Braden Lynch
  Mike McFarland
  Masasa Moyo
  Phil Parsons
  Erik Passoja
  Mark Stoddard
  Sonny Strait
  Gary Anthony Williams
  Travis Willingham
  Jimmie Wood

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