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Genre: Anime Series
Release Date: 1985

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alan Fredericks Gregory Snegoff
Anatole Leonard Greg Finley
Angelo Dante Steve Kramer
Azonia Alexandra Kenworthy
Ben Dixon Richard Epcar
Bowie Grant Larry Abraham
Claudia Grant Iona Morris
Dennis Brown Frank Catalano
Dolza Mike Reynolds
Grel Richard Epcar
Henry Gloval Greg Finley
Jason Lara Cody
Jonathan Tom Wyner
Khyron Gregory Snegoff
Kim Young Lara Cody
Lancer Cam Clarke
Lunk Richard Epcar
Lynn Kyle Eddie Frierson
Lynn Minmei Rebecca Forstadt
Marie Crystal Barbara Goodson
Max Sterling Cam Clarke
Miriya Edie Mirman
Mission Control Melodee Spevack
Nova Satori Edie Mirman
Rand Frank Catalano
Regis Alexandra Kenworthy
Rick Hunter Tony Oliver
Rico Robert Axelrod
Robotech Masters Bill Capizzi
Rolf Emerson Michael McConnohie
Roy Fokker Dan Woren
Scott Bernard Gregory Snegoff
Sean Phillips Kerrigan Mahan
Sera Barbara Goodson
Vanessa Leeds Wendee Lee
Wolff Tom Wyner

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