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All-New Super Friends Hour, The
All-New Super Friends Hour, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 10 September 1977 - 02 September 1978
Voice Director: Wally Burr

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abominable Snowman Michael Rye "Alaska Peril"
Apache Chief Regis Cordic "The Antidote"
  Michael Rye
Aquaman Norman Alden
Atom Wally Burr
Barko Mike Road "Planet of the Neanderthals"
Batman Olan Soule
Black Vulcan Buster Jones
Boris William Woodson "The Monster of Dr. Droid"
Brunette Scientist Casey Kasem "The Marsh Monster"
Bus Depot Master Wally Burr "The Runaways"
Captain Croner William Woodson "The Whirlpool"
Cleazor William Woodson "Will the World Collide?"
Crag the Earthor Ted Cassidy "Invasion of the Earthors"
Dictor Casey Kasem "The Mysterious Time Creatures"
Dr. Lau Jack Angel "Time Rescue"
Dr. Markham William Woodson "The Man Beasts of Xra"
Dr. Pisces Wally Burr "Attack of the Giant Squid"
Dr. Scat William Woodson "The Brain Machine"
Dr. Taylor Shannon Farnon "The Fifty Foot Woman"
Dr. Xra Shannon Farnon "The Man Beasts of Xra"
Enforcer Wally Burr "The Enforcer"
Gentleman Ghost / James Craddock Richard Paul "Ghost"
Gleek Michael Bell
Green Lantern Michael Rye
Gruth Norman Alden "The Ghost"
Hawkman Jack Angel
Insecta Casey Kasem "Coming of the Antropods"
Jay's Pop William Woodson "Runaways"
Jayna Louise Williams
Jeff Michael Bell "Joyride"
Jules Regis Cordic "The Marsh Monster"
Kalmo Michael Bell "The Mysterious Time Creatures"
Lionex Wally Burr "The Lion Men"
Magda Duval Shannon Farnon "The Marsh Monster"
Manta Regis Cordic "The Whirlpool," "The Water Beast"
Mechanic Michael Bell "The Brain Machine"
Medula Shannon Farnon "The Mind Maidens"
Mutant William Woodson "Forbidden Power"
Narrator William Woodson
Nemus Regis Cordic "The Invisible Menace"
Newton Domehead William Woodson "The Collector"
Peterson Wally Burr "The Invisible Menace"
Police Chief William Woodson "The Brain Machine"
Police Officer Casey Kasem "The Brain Machine"
  Olan Soule "The Brain Machine"
Professor Comstock William Woodson "Time Rescue"
Professor Dalton William Woodson "Alaska Peril"
Professor Fairweather William Woodson "The Invisible Menace"
Professor Fearo Olan Soule "Will the World Collide?"
Professor Larvey Casey Kasem "Will the Worlds Collide?"
Professor Martinez Regis Cordic "The Water Beast"
Professor Price Jack Angel "Forbidden Power"
Professor Rogers Norman Alden "Will the World Collide?"
Professor Strickland Regis Cordic "Tiny World of Terror"
Professor Wong Olan Soule "Tiny World of Terror"
Professor Zarkoff William Woodson "Forbidden Power"
Robin Casey Kasem
Rudolph Korloff Henry Corden "The Mummy of Nazca"
Sully Michael Bell "The Runaways"
Superman Danny Dark
Susan Shannon Farnon "Tiger on the Loose"
Tour Guide Casey Kasem "Invasion of the Earthors"
Vika Henry Corden "Tibetan Raiders"
Wonder Woman Shannon Farnon
Zan Michael Bell
(additional voices) Ross Martin

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