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Genre: Anime Series
Release Dates: 06 October 2009 - 23 March 2010

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Chiho Mihara Megumi Nakajima (Japanese)
Chise Mihara Megumi Nakajima (Japanese)
Chitose Mihara Houko Kuwashima (Japanese)
Driver Tsutomu Densaka (Japanese) (Episode 22)
Genko Rikiya Koyama (Japanese)
Ginsei Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese)
Homeroom Teacher Asako Dodo (Japanese) (Episode 9)
Ioryogi Tetsu Inada (Japanese)
Kazuto Okiura Shinichiro Miki (Japanese)
Keita Motoko Kumai (Japanese) (Episode 14)
Kiyokazu Fujimoto Akiko Kimura (Japanese) (Age 7)
  Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese)
Kobato Hanato Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)
Kohaku Chiwa Saito (Japanese)
Kurogane Tetsu Inada (Japanese) (Episode 20)
Mutsumi Tadokoro Marina Inoue (Japanese) (Episode 3)
Naoko Niimura Saki Nakajima (Japanese) (Episode 5)
Natsuki Mizuhashi Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese) (Episode 9)
Sayaka Okiura Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese)
Shuichiro Kudo Ken Narita (Japanese)
Syaoran Miyu Irino (Japanese) (Episode 20)
Takashi Doumoto Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese)
Toshihiko Akeno Watanabe (Japanese)
Toya Kinomoto Tomokazu Seki (Japanese) (Episode 22)
Wakana Kei Shindo (Japanese) (Episode 9)
White Mokona Mika Kikuchi (Japanese) (Episode 20)
Yukino Morikawa Misato Fukuen (Japanese) (Episode 9)
Yumi Ohmura Aki Toyosaki (Japanese) (Episodes 11,20)
Zuisho Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese)

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