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Power Rangers: Zeo
Power Rangers: Zeo

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 20 April 1996 - 27 November 1996

Adapted from "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Admiral Abominator Ezra Weisz "Game of Honor"
Alpha 5 Richard Steven Horvitz
Altor Kirk Thornton "King for a Day" Pt. 1
Auric the Conqueror Derek Stephen Prince
Autochthon Richard Epcar "Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead"
Baboo Dave Mallow "A Zeo Beginning"
Boohoo the Clown Michael Sorich "For Cryin' Out Loud"
Borax the Varox Bob Papenbrook "Do I Know You?"
Cog Changer Michael Sorich "Rangers of Two Worlds"
Defoliator Richard Epcar "There's No Business Than Snow Business" Pt. 3
Digster Derek Stephen Prince "Every Dog Has His Day"
Drill Master Dan Woren "It Came From Angel Grove," "A Golden Homecoming"
Finster Robert Axelrod
Fortissimodo Scott Page-Pagter "Instrument of Destruction"
Gold Ranger Brad Hawkins
Goldar Kerrigan Mahan
Googleheimer the Toy Robot Dave Mallow "Bulk Fiction"
Hose Head Dave Mallow "A Golden Homecoming"
Hydro Contaminator Dan Woren "Graduation Blues"
Impursonator Wendee Lee "Rangers of Two Worlds"
King Mondo David Stenstrom
Klank Oliver Page
Leaky Faucet Ezra Weisz "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers," "Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise"
Lord Zedd Robert Axelrod
Louie Kaboom Lex Lang
Mace Face Brad Orchard "Found and Lost," "Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead"
Master Vile Tom Wyner "A Zeo Beginning" Pt. 1
Mechanizer Eddie Frierson "Mr. Billy's Wild Ride," "A Golden Homecoming"
Mechaterpillar Brianne Siddall "Another Song and Dance"
Midas Monster Dave Mallow "The Ranger Who Came In From The Gold"
Nuklifier Kirk Thornton "A Mystery to Me"
Orbus Barbara Goodson
Prince Gasket Douglas Sloan
Prince Sprocket Barbara Goodson
Princess Archerina Melora Harte
Protectron Richard Epcar "A Brief Mystery in Time"
Punch-A-Bunch Bob Papenbrook "Challenges"
Puppetman Paul Pistore "The Puppet Blaster"
Queen Machina Alex Borstein
Rita Repulsa Barbara Goodson
Rito Revolto Bob Papenbrook
Silo Bob Papenbrook "Target Rangers"
  Kirk Thornton "A Golden Homecoming"
Somnibot Barbara Goodson "Rock-A-Bye Rangers"
Squatt Michael Sorich "A Zeo Beginning"
Staroid Derek Stephen Prince "The Shooting Star"
Stenchy Brad Orchard "Scent of a Weasel"
Tough Tusks Michael Sorich "Bomber in the Summer"
Video Vulture Dave Mallow "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"
Wolfbane Steve Kramer "The Power of Gold"
Zordon Robert Manahan

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