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Renkin 3-kyu Magical? Pokahn
Renkin 3-kyu Magical? Pokahn

Also Known As: Magipoka, Alchemist Grade 3: Magical Pokahn
Genre: Anime Series
Release Dates: 04 April 2006 - 20 July 2006

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bartender Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 2)
Bob Kisho Taniyama (Japanese) (Episode 2)
Cathy Shoko Tsuda (Japanese) (Episode 2)
Chakura Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 11)
Denkiya Tenshu Kisho Taniyama (Japanese) (Episode 12)
Dr. K-Ko Shoko Tsuda (Japanese)
Hongo Kisho Taniyama (Japanese)
Ii Otoko Kisho Taniyama (Japanese) (Episode 3)
Iro Otoko Kisho Taniyama (Japanese) (Episodes 5, 7)
Josei Shiho Hisajima (Japanese) (Episode 2)
  Tamaki Nakanishi (Japanese) (Episode 4)
Jun Nomico (Japanese)
Keimie Nomico (Japanese)
Kenketsu Shokuin Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 3)
Konbini Ten'in Anri Shiono (Japanese) (Episode 7)
Linda Kana Uetake (Japanese) (Episode 10)
Lulu Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese) (episode 5)
Maid Tomo Adachi (Japanese) (Episode 5)
Megumi Yui Itsuki (Japanese) (Episode 10)
Miku Shiho Hisajima (Japanese) (Episode 12)
Miyuki Mai Kadowaki (Japanese) (episode 10)
Oni Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 6)
Oniisan Wataru Hatano (Japanese) (Episode 7)
Oyaji Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 8)
Princess Aiko Satomi Akesaka (Japanese)
Princess Liru Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese)
Princess Pachira Aya Hirano (Japanese)
Princess Uma Momoko Saito (Japanese)
Reporter Tomo Adachi (Japanese) (Episode 11)
Ryo Wataru Hatano (Japanese) (Episode 2)
Sachio Umino Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 5)
Shikisha Kisho Taniyama (Japanese) (Episode 11)
Shinobu Mai Kadowaki (Japanese) (Episode 10)
Shinpu Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 1)
Tan Wataru Hatano (Japanese)
Tasogareya Tenshu Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 12)
Uchuujin Mari Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese) (Episode 8)
Uchuujin Rie Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese) (Episode 8)
Yakiimo Vendor Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 9)
Yakiniku Tenshu Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese) (Episode 7)
Yatai Tenshu Kisho Taniyama (Japanese) (Episode 8)
Yoko Mikako Takahashi (Japanese) (Episode 10)

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