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Power Rangers: Turbo
Power Rangers: Turbo

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 19 April 1997 - 24 November 1997
Voice Director: David Walsh

Adapted from "Gekisou Sentai Carranger."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alpha 5 Richard Steven Horvitz "Shift Into Turbo"
Alpha 6 Catherine Battistone
Amphibitor Bob Papenbrook "Shift Into Turbo" Pt. 3
Big Burpa Brianne Siddall "Bicycle Built for the Blues"
Blazinator Richard Epcar "Alarmed and Dangerous"
Blue Senturion David Walsh
Clockster Richard Cansino "When Time Freezes Over"
Count Nocturne Tom Fahn "Carlos and the Count"
Creeps Kirk Thornton "The Song of Confusion"
Crosspatch Glen McDougal "Clash of the Megazords"
Demon Racers Tom Fahn "Built For Speed"
Dreadfeather Steve Kramer "The Wheel of Fate"
Electrovolt Tom Wyner "A Drive to Win"
Elgar Derek Stephen Prince
Flamite Derek Stephen Prince "Passing the Torch"
Flash Head Paul Pistore "The Robot Ranger"
General Havoc Richard Cansino
  Tom Wyner "The Darkest Day"
Goldgoyle Tom Wyner "Chase into Space"
Lerigot Lex Lang "Shift Into Turbo"
Mad Mike Ezra Weisz "Trouble by the Slice"
Maniac Mechanic William Butler "The Turn of the Wretched Wrench"
Mouthpiece Ezra Weisz "The Whole Lie"
Numbor Ezra Weisz "Weight and See"
Phantom Ranger Alex Dodd
Pharaoh John C. Hyke "Glyph Hanger"
Porto Scott Page-Pagter
Rygog Lex Lang
Shadow Chromite Ken Merckx "Shadow Rangers"
Shrinkasect Michael Sorich "Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers"
Strikeout Michael McConnohie "The Curve Ball"
Terror Tooth Eddie Frierson "The Millennium Message"
Torch Tiger Bob Papenbrook "Fire In Your Tank"
Translucitor Ken Merckx "Vanishing Act"
Visceron David Walsh "Transmission Impossible"
Voltmeister Michael Sorich "The Robot Ranger"
Wicked Wisher Tom Fahn "Beware the Third Wish"
Wolfgang Amadeus Griller Peter Greenwood "Cars Attacks"
Zordon Robert Manahan "Shift Into Turbo," "The Robot Ranger"

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