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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 04 September 1993 - 21 December 1995
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

This cartoon was a spin-off of the "Bonkers" segments of "Raw Toonage."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abominable Snowman Peter Cullen
Agent Tolson Rodger Bumpass
Al Vermin Robert Ridgely
Bonkers D. Bobcat Jim Cummings
Boss Hoss Sorrell Booke "Love Stuck"
Bucky Buzzsaw Pat Fraley
Charles Quibble S. Scott Bullock
Cheryl Germ Tress MacNeille
Clock Frank Welker
Crooked TV Commercial Director Hamilton Camp
Dennis Jeff Bennett
Detective Lucky Piquel Jim Cummings
Dirty Toon Pencil S. Scott Bullock
Donald Duck Tony Anselmo
Dyl Piquel April Winchell
Elmo Frank Welker
Fall-Apart Rabbit Frank Welker
Fawn Deer Nancy Cartwright
Flaps the Elephant Joe Alaskey
Fluffy (The Chief's dog) Frank Welker
Francine Kanifky Tress MacNeille
Gentle Ben Butterman Frank Welker
Groucho-like Toon Frank Welker
Grumbles Grizzly Rodger Bumpass
Heckler Jess Harnell
Human Wannabe in Ratsuit Brad Garrett
Jingle Beau Weaver "Miracle at the 34th Precinct"
Jitters A. Dog Jeff Bennett
Lilith DuPrave Eileen Brennan
Ma Parker June Foray
Ma's Henchman Pat Fraley
  Rob Paulsen
Mac Dorian Harewood "Frame That Toon"
Mackey McSlime Peter Cullen
Mad Hatter Corey Burton
Mammoth Mammoth Stuart Pankin
Marilyn Piquel Sherry Lynn
Max Coody Jack Angel
Mean Ol' Wolf Rodger Bumpass
Meenie Jeff Bennett
Mikey Muffin S. Scott Bullock
Moe Chick Vennera
Mr. Big S. Scott Bullock
Mr. Blackenblue Maurice LaMarche
Mr. Corkscrew Gregg Berger
Mr. Doodles Charlie Adler "Going Bonkers"
Mr. Skunk Gregg Berger
Officer Rodrick Robert Radio Frank Welker
Pelican Gregg Berger
Peter Blaine Matt Frewer "Trains, Toons, and Toon Trains"
Pig Rob Paulsen
Pitts Hamilton Camp
Police Chief Leonard Kanifky Earl Boen
Pops Klock Stuart Pankin
Professor Ludwig von Drake Corey Burton
Quark Frank Welker
Roderick Lizzard Jeff Bennett
Santa Claus Hal Smith "Miracle at the 34th Precinct"
Scatter Squirrel Tino Insana
Scribble Jack Angel
Sergeant Francis Q. Grating Ron Perlman
Sergeant Miranda Wright Karla DeVito
Sidekick Stew Tino Insana
Skunky Skunk S. Scott Bullock
Smarts Maurice LaMarche
Stand Up Comedian Rob Paulsen
The Collector Michael Bell "Going Bonkers"
Toon Bomb Jess Harnell
Toon Camera Boon Pat Fraley
Toon Camera Zoom Rob Paulsen
Toon Clock Frank Welker
Toon Ghost Frank Welker
Toon Handbag Frank Welker
Toon Pig Jess Harnell
Toon Rooster Chick Vennera
Toon Sheep Baabra Louise DuArt "Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep?"
Toon Wolf Brad Garrett
Toots Frank Welker
Tuttle Turtle Maurice LaMarche
W.W. Whacky David Doyle
Wacky Weasel Rip Taylor "Get Wacky"
Wally Rob Paulsen
Z-Bot Robert Ridgely
(additional voices) Michael Gough (II)
  Joseph Onesto
  Jack Sheldon
  B.J. Ward
(voice) Anderson Wong "Tokyo Bonkers"

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